I Couldn’t Pay My Cell Phone Bill This Month


Has this ever happened to you? You pay all your bills and then realize you cannot pay your cell phone bill. That is the worst feeling ever. I mean, seriously, I can’t live without my cell phone. It is just as much a part of me as the hair on my head. I don’t go anywhere without it.

So, what does one do when they need to quickly come up with a few hundred dollars to take care of the cell phone bill? Well you have a few options. You can either – one, go get a sort term loan, two, borrow the money from a friend or family member, three, let the phone stay off or four, get online, do some work and come up with the money all by yourself.

You see the internet provides you with tremendous opportunity to make money quickly if your willing to do the work. Keywords being “willing to do the work”. No quick money can be made with out some good ol elbow grease.

Now if you’re really in a bind and need a quick way to pay your cell phone bill listen up. Information is a huge seller online. Short reports sell like crazy. If you can put together a short report of about 7-15 pages long and start selling it for $5-$17 you will be able to pay your cell phone bill or any other bill in record time.

So how to do you put together a short report? You can either write one yourself, buy one with master resell rights or you can download one for free at a giveaway site. Buying one with master resell rights or downloading one from a giveaway site is probably the easier route to go. Whether you purchase a product to sell or download one for free, make sure it comes with the salespage. If not you will have to create the sales page yourself which will take more of your time. Just do a Google search for MRR (master resell rights) with salespage.

Once you find a report, you need to immediately start promoting it. Now this is the part that will require the most elbow grease. I will just assume you do not have any extra money to spend on advertising so you will need to go the free route. The best free traffic generate technique is article marketing.

Read through your report and create articles based on what you read. Give people valuable information. Show them how the product can help them. Don’t sell in your articles, leave that up to the salespage. The job of the article is to educate and make them want more.

Source by H. Miller

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