ice cream Butterfly Lilac Fitness Headband: Deliciously Crafted, Ultra Comfy & Machine-Washable (Lilac)


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Featuring our 3.5” wide fit parfait! ™ ice cream fashion fitness headband. Tired of having to constantly move hair from your face during your Zumba or Yoga workouts? How about when cycling, jogging or playing tennis? Yes! Headbands are back in style and wearing an ice cream yoga headband is the perfect recipe for taming your runaway lochs. ice cream fitness headbands are made from premium, wrinkle-free and machine-washable lycra, supplex or spandex stretch fabric and provide a level of comfort and quality which far exceeds other comparably-priced brands. Of course, ice cream did not invent the fitness headband, but we sure sell a lot of them! What’s our secret? For starters, we offer you an amazing selection of fabric flavors: Looking for something in green, pink fuchsia or royal blue? How about leopard print, red skulls or tie-dye? No problem! In fact, we pride ourselves in offering new fabric options monthly! So, check back often. ice cream workout headbands are available in a one-size format (3.5″ width | 9″ length) and are designed to stretch and fit most teens and adults (men & women). Need a headband for extreme, high-intensity workouts? Opt for our new ice cream No Slip, Sweat-Wicking, Quick Dry, High Intensity Workout Sweatband – Available on Amazon.com. All ice cream headbands are guaranteed to satisfy or we will refund your purchase price.ice cream fashion fitness headbands are made from premium lycra, supplex or spandex fabrics, are wrinkle-free and machine washable
They are wonderful for wearing to the gym, hot yoga, pilates, to group fitness classes, to play tennis or to ride around in a convertible
They are designed to be comfortable and stretch to fit most teens and adults (men & women)
ice cream workout headbands are available in an extensive selection of colors and prints, making it easy to mix and match with items you already own
Our yoga headbands are handcrafted locally by professional seamstresses who earn fair wages and work in comfort and safety; Help us encourage ethical labour

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