Implementing a Carpet Cleaning Business Plan


When starting a carpet cleaning business the new owner will agonize over many important details. They will research equipment for hours on end reading reviews and forum posts. They will try to determine what pricing their market can sustain and the method at which they will price their services. Often times, they will read everything they can get their hands on to help understand what makes a happy customer. However, they often neglect one of the most port things that could make their  business  a success, a good  business   plan .

A good  business   plan  will lay a path that the owner can travel to reach their goals. This plan will detail everything that needs to be done and the manner in which it should be accomplished. The  business   plan  does not have to be fancy or perfect. The plan, at its basic level, should include three important things; vision, financial statements, and the marketing plan.

The vision for the company needs to be written out. This is something that can be referred back to when making business decisions to make sure it is in the best interests of reaching the vision. This vision will state your goals for the company. It will include how you want the company to be operated and should also include an exit strategy. For instance, “you want your business to make every attempt possible to satisfy the customer and deliver the best cleaning available, and you would like to grow the business for a period of five years and then sell while the business is still very valuable”.

The next part of the carpet cleaning  business   plan  includes the financial statements. This is where you will list your statements such as the balance sheet. Another important part of the financial section will be your break even analysis. Many business owners overlook this important item. The break even analysis will allow you know exactly what point financially that you will begin to make money.

Finally, without any customers the  business  is destined to fail, so the marketing section of the  business   plan  is vital. In this section you will determine your ideal customer. Too many businesses simply start up and start marketing to a variety of different clientele. The very successful company will pick one segment of the market and concentrate on that segment. Once you know your ideal customer it makes it much easier to determine the best way to reach that customer.

Source by Jeff Klingworth

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