Independent Urban Action Movies Heat Up


Independent urban action movies are heating up the movie market both domestically and internationally. Hollywood studios like Universal Pictures (American Gangster), Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation (Live Free Or Die Hard), Columbia Pictures (We Own The Night) Warner Bros. Pictures (The Departed) first dominate movie theaters. Then later when you’re in your local Blockbuster to rent a DVD you see dozens of copies of these big budget movies. Some have an entire shelf to themselves. Despite very little to no marketing, smaller budgets, and without the backing of a major studio independent urban action movies are growing in popularity with movie viewers. People that are looking to rent or buy the latest Hollywood action movie online or in stores are taking chances on lesser known urban action movies to see some thing different than the typical formula Hollywood often uses. Some times these independent urban action movies stink. Other times they can be highly entertaining because at the independent level movie makers can take chances with the language, style, and content. They don’t have to hold back because some corporate sponsor or out of producer wants them sell out to make a total commercial piece of crap that follows the urban action formula.

Case in point is the drag down fight fight movie maker Tony Kaye got into with New Line Cinema over his movie American History X. He didn’t even want to be on the credits because the studio tried to water down the story he wanted to tell. Viewers were robbed of seeing the real American History X the way it was meant to be. Thriving outside the same old is a new wave of movie making that’s connecting with urban action movie fans. Codeblack  Entertainment  has been putting out a steady stream of quality urban action  movies  including the titles I TRIED and YOUNG CESAR. The movies they put out are slowly carving out a nice piece of the DVD market. They have over 25 movies out. Showing that a independent studio can make it out there. Steven Seagal is best known as a action hero, but he also writes, directs, and produces movies under his movie company Steamroller Productions. He has tapped into his own creativity to put out some really kick kick butt movies. You won’t find them in theaters, but they are heating up the DVD market. URBAN JUSTICE and BLACK DAWN are two of his movies you can check out. The cool thing is Steven Seagal has been able to remain independent while having a deal with Sony Pictures Home  Entertainment  to distribute his  movies . That’s win win for him and movie fans.

You have to have a spark to start a fire. The spark for the booming independent urban action market is the rising movie makers. Some people know the names Spike Lee (Clockers), John Singleton (Four Brothers & Boyz n the Hood) and The Hughes Brothers (Dead Presidents). There talent as movie makers has shined a light on them making them household names. Some new names that are bursting onto the scene in the independent urban action movie arena are Mike O’Dea the filmmaker you love to hate. Hate him or love him, Mike O’Dea cast name actors in his first film with no money. Quadreple threat O’Dea (Writer-Director-Editor-Actor) penned his script TOWNIES in eight months landing him a phone call from Harvey Keitel. TOWNIES is the most realistic Irish Mob movie ever. H.M. Coakley gives viewers HOLLA a urban action movie dressed as a horror movie. It will become a classic in time. A new independent name I discovered is Writer and Director Sid Kali who put out the urban action movie CONSIGNMENT.

I rented it at Blockbuster as was impressed with the  entertainment  value and story. It was so different from most of the bad drug dealing movies out there. It had awesome dialogue and killer urban action. It was a flat out well made movie. Staying true to independent movie making Sid Kali was not afraid to show a realistic look at the crystal meth world. CONSIGNMENT was more real than BOYZ N THE HOOD. I loved it. It didn’t beat out my all time favorite MENACE II SOCIETY, but it was far better than I expected. Writer and Director Sid Kali has a new movie coming out in February called IN WITH THIEVES that I can’t wait to check out. The beauty of everything is that urban action movie fans have more choices. The quality of independent movies continues to rise giving people more than just the big Hollywood star filled movie option. I love Denzel Washington in AMERICAN GANGSTER, but it’s nice to be able to watch new voices and faces coming onto the movie scene to.

Source by Raymond Nubsteen

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