Indian Essentials


Indian Essentials is a quirky collection, to say the least, as there are twenty social commentators and of course writers (this is a book after all) have gathered together to make an effort to understand the psyche of the Indians. Everything is discussed threadbare, be it the female fascination with gold or Indian male’s penchant for public urination. Other equally quintessentially Indian subjects discussed are the melas of Allahabad and the jhatkas of   Bollywood , the frank matrimonials which embarrass us or our obsession with not talking about sex, nothing is left untouched.

It Also Has Something Extra

Being Indians, we are enamoured with the idea of being offered something extra than what has been promised, for them there is The Short Dictionary of [Other] Things Indian. You would love to know the meaning of the term “Made in India” as given in a small booklet along with Indian Essentials.

Slim But Sharp

People have decided to regularly follow the writer Jerry Pinto on the Internet wherever he appears after his collection of glossary of Indian terms appeared, people fell off their chairs (not quite, but you get the sense, right?). The book is slim by normal standards though once you start reading it, you are hooked on to it right away.

Rave Reviews

The book Indian Essentials has got rave reviews from the reviewers. The reason? It’s incredibly amusing and engrossing at the same time. The Indian spirit has been revealed gently, with compassion and humor so it doesn’t really hurt us. Everything Indian has been dissected ruthlessly in Indian Essentials, be it tradition, the NRI phenomena,  Bollywood , the attitude towards sex, the hypocrisy, the family feeling, cricket, marriage and what not.

Source by Prasoon Kumar

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