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Information  technology  careers are being demanded right now in industries across the nation.  Technology  skills and computer proficiency are two of the most sought after assets that a person can have when attempting to break into this field. This person will find that  technology  is the key to opening doors into  technology  driven businesses. Those doors will open, as well into industries that aren’t strictly  technology  driven, but ones that require experience in the use of computers and  technology  as a way to process information and accomplish a variety of tasks.

Information  technology  careers involve non-IT companies; these are companies that are not information  technology  based but ones that require proficiency with computers and the  technology . These types of industries employ 92% of IT professionals, of these 80% are considered small businesses. These statistics highlight the diversity incorporated in this field, no matter if a person is looking to get into a large or small company, the opportunity to enter into the IT workforce will be an easy transition.

Certifications in the IT field are becoming more important and popular. IT professionals have to keep up with the advances in their occupations,  technology  and computer fields; this leads them to having to update their certifications on a continual basis. Vocational training is also recommended; according to the Urban Institute, in a report dated in May 2000, community colleges are significant in training both the veteran workers and workers that want to break into the IT field.

The requirements for becoming an IT professional (i.e. computer support specialist), is an Associate degree with significant hands-on experience. The person most suited to this type of work, are ones that have high problem-solving and analytical skills, followed by excellent communication skills. These are necessary do to the trouble-shooting aspects of the job and interaction with people you’re attempting to help. This interaction will continue between you and employees, other computer specialists, computer personnel, and customers.

Communicating effectively on paper, e-mail and in person will be an integral part of an IT professionals work day. This communication will also be translated into writing skills which may be used in preparing manuals; these manuals are then distributed to employees or customers.

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A person looking for a challenging and ever changing career has to look no further. Entry level positions, all the way to Chief Information Officers will have a variety of limitless opportunities to explore in this much needed field.

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