Installation of Bluetooth Adapter


Bluetooth adapter is a converter that can be applied to a variety of digital products with Bluetooth interface. Universal One with the global short-range wireless connectivity   technology , use the microwave, remote control, as well as some civilian 2.4GHz wireless communication equipment near the same toll-free, apply for the radio frequency band, in order to avoid this band caused by a number of electronic devices. The mutual interference, and thus to 1600 time frequency hopping and encryption security  technology  demanding.

Bluetooth (Bluetooth) is a wireless network transmission  technology  originally used to replace the infrared. Compared with the infrared  technology , Bluetooth can transmit data without targeting; transmission distance is less than 10 meters (infrared transmission distance of a few meters). With the help of the signal amplifier, the distance of communication is now even up to 100 meters. Bluetooth  technology  is ideal for low power consumption, the number of digital devices to share with each other Data, such as mobile phones.

Learn what version of the computer before installing the system. If it is XP SP2, you don’t need to install Bluetooth drivers-direct but put USB One into the computer interface. If not, you need to installl the Bluetooth drivers on your computer-the first not to insert One into your computer’s USB interface, CD-ROM into the drive first. And then follow the prompts. It would suggest insert the appropriate One, then insert it into the computer’s USB intereface, the computer prompts to find new hardware-choose the next step-tips for new hardware to use.

After the One insert into the computer, it will promptly find a new mobile hardware, and the task bar at the right corner would appears a small blue icon, point the icon with the mouse, pop-up menu bar and select the “Add Bluetooth device”. Then the computer appears dialog box, indicating the Bluetooth mobile phone must opened S700 Bluetooth. Select ” Bluetooth adapter is turned on” in the computer dialog box and press “Next”, then the computer automatically searches for mobile phones with It, waiting dor a moment. The computer display the search to “S700”. The phone also shows the computer’s name. Double-click the computer icon, and follow the prompts to set.

The computer will pop up a dialog box for an extra password, select “encrypt their hand” and the “123” in the space and click Next. Mobile phone find Bluetooth devices and also show prompted for a password. Type “123” and click Sure. Computers and mobile phones will automatically match. The bottom right of the computer display: Bluetooth devices has been added and can be used”. If you need to download the file(such as MP3, pictures, etc.) to the phone, you first should find the downloaded file on the computer, click right on the file icon, then select “Send to”. Then make sure the S700 Bluetooth is turned on. Operating it simplely according to the computer prompts. Phone will receive the file-automatically save the file to the proper folder.Your Bluetooth adapter has been successfully installed.

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