Internet Marketing And Historic Hollywood Hints


Online marketing could really benefit from a night at the movies.

For the sake of illustration let’s start at the end of this process and work backto the beginning.

10) A movie grosses more than two hundred million dollars. This means investors are happy, the movie going public is satisfied and in all likelihood there will be a sequel. There continues to be buzz about the film as the DVD is set to sell at retail.

9) The movie is released to the public to strong opening weekend ticket sales. Analysts predict big things although critics never seem to get excited about anything.

8) Stars of the movie visit the talk shows and red carpet events to talk about the forthcoming movie.

7) It is announced that the movie has finished filming and the editing process has begun. All major news groups make the announcement and teaser trailers begin showing in theatrical previews and on YouTube. The clip is downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

6) Filming is underway and the media is invited to drop in for a preview and talk to the stars. The public is finding themselves very interested in the movie.

5) Filming will start soon. Primary stars talk about reading for the script and, as usual, refuse to provide any spoilers although they toss in a few tidbits to tease the audience.

4) Production company announces plans for a new movie and rumors are leaked about who will be playing the lead roles.

3) Script is optioned and purchasing production company researches what possibilities exist for making the film into a movie.

2) Screenplay is finished and marketed to  Hollywood .

1) A screenwriter has a really good story idea.

Okay, feel free to read that list from one to ten if you like. There is a progression to the story of  Hollywood  success and it started with one individual who had a great idea. That idea grew as the individual began to network with others who could help the idea to reach its full potential.

In each step, except for the first, there is some form of marketing that takes place. The story is marketed, the production company explores and enacts methods to make the film a reality, the actors are enlisted to help keep awareness of the project in the minds of the media and public, the Internet is used to help secure public support, movie theaters are used to play previews of the attraction, and in the end there is an incredible buzz about the movie leading to a successful launch of the film.

Too many businesses approach marketing as an afterthought. They throw something together last minute and wonder why it doesn’t seem to go anywhere as the critics say, “I told you so”.

I honestly believe that if a film could be made in a week the production companies would still wait several months preparing the marketing soil for an incredible movie going harvest.  Hollywood  doesn’t rush releases. Why? Maybe because they know that if they push it too soon there will be inadequate knowledge of the product and it will fail for lack of interest.

Use online marketing as a long haul strategy. You won’t manage success through hasty marketing.

Even when you don’t like a  Hollywood  movie you have to give them credit for making sure they can gain every last penny from their marketing dollar – as long as they exercise great patience.

Source by Scott Lindsay

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