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There is an old saying. If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. While there are many  plans  you can follow, the Internet Marketing  business   plan  we are going to discuss is very basic and requires minimum time, skills or investment. Then as your business starts to generate profits over time, you could scale it up for better revenue.

First, let us look at the investment in your business. You will have to buy a domain, hosting service and subscribe to an auto-responder. For under $250 you can have them all for a year. We could do without these services, but I highly recommend you make this investment. If we are  planning  on building a proper  business , not just some part-time activity for fun, don’t compromise here.

As you continue to work your business, you create some assets and generate some income. The assets are your domain, back-links and a list of subscribers. In my opinion ‘the list’ is the most valuable of all. It is capable of generating cash on demand, literally. So your efforts in your internet marketing  business   plan  should be centred on building a huge and responsive list.

In your Internet marketing  business   plan  there would be four major activities. These are generating traffic, making sales, list creation and email marketing. Now let us look at each of these activities in some more depth.

It is essential that visitors to your website are interested in your product and services, or you will not generate much revenue, if any. We have to target these interested people and position ourselves in front of them. This could be done through paid traffic methods like SEM, PPC, CPM, Banners etc. or free traffic like SEO, Social media marketing, web 2.0 marketing, forums, blogs, social bookmarking etc.

A high converting sales letter and a compelling offer are an integral part of any successful website. Although not everyone will buy from you on their first visit, your endeavour should be to keep on testing and tweaking each and every element on your website to reach higher levels of sales conversions.

Single most effective idea is to encourage your visitors to leave you with their name and email address so that you could continue with your marketing efforts in future. This can be achieved by offering a ‘ethical bribe’ to your visitors. This bribe is usually a digital product of good value which the visitor can have in return for his contact details. Occasionally, it could also be a physical product like CD or DVD just for the cost of shipping and handling. An auto-responder works in the background to automate this list creation process for you.

Most money in the business is made in the process of following up with your list through an auto-responder sequence called drip emails. These emails must have a good mix of valuable content and sales offers. If there is no content in your mails, your prospects will un-subscribe soon. On the other hand, if there are no sales offers, you don’t make any money. Skill and money lies in this balancing the two. It is the way you create and manage your list that could decide if you have a good or a thriving business.

Source by Sundeep Vaish

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