Internet Marketing Golden Formula


Starting and building a lucrative business on the internet is a form of education, commitment and mastery. Why do I say that? To start an online venture, you need a good amount of internet marketing education and knowledge. To really excel in your internet business, you have to put forth consistent effort and patience into it. To become a master or guru in it, you will help others build their successful online business. In this golden formula, you will be introduced to two important aspects of internet marketing, which comprises the mental and physical education, that will help to build your essential education, develop lifelong commitment and establish a mastery credential in the internet market.

Unlike other internet marketing ebooks or books which focus only on the physical aspect, my golden formula focuses on two cores which I have segregated into four stages. These four stages are the internet marketing struggle, survive, sustain and succeed which I name them ‘IM Struggle’, ‘IM Survive’, ‘IM Sustain’ and ‘IM Succeed’ stage. To perform and build your wealth online, these are the 4 stages which you need to adhere to, none of which can be skipped.

Stage 1

The first stage in the golden formula is the Struggle Stage.This phase is the mental education of internet marketing and it forms the core and structure of your online business. Along the route of your internet career, you would have to fall back on this phase for constant reflection and recharge. That is one of the reason of scheduling this phase right at the start of this program. Another reason is none other than to equip you with the right mindset and attitude in this business. It is a serious business which you can profit literally thousands to millions of dollars from it, provided you are serious with it. In this IM Struggle series, I am going to present you with the cold hard fact of internet marketing which is not painted as beautifully as what others claimed to be. That is where you may have to struggle with your preconceived perception of doing business on the internet. You may need to alter your mindset, even your values and beliefs, that have ingrained deep into you.

Stage 2

The second stage is the survival stage in short ‘IM survive’ stage that will equip you with the ‘howto’ knowledge of starting and striving in internet business. It is imperative to know these processes and techniques well in order to survive in your internet business. I repeat: “These are all your essential tools of survival.” They are basically your hearts, mind and different organs in your body. Without them, you can’t survive. The survival series shall broadly comprise of how to perform a niche research for a market you are catering to, develop a product for that market, create a web presence for your products which involves building a website, writing a powerful salescopy, and many more.

Stage 3

The third stage by its name ‘IM Sustain’ stage suggests that it is a series of techniques and tools that you will acquire to help you sustain your business. Having struggled and survived well with your internet business is insufficient to build a pipeline of consistent wealth. You ought to progress to a next level of sustaining your internet business. In internet marketing, sustaining your business would mean generating a considerable loyal traffic that returns for more. In this stage, you will master a series of traffic generation techniques with focus on the latest web2.0 technology that grows your customer base in the shortest period.

Stage 4

The last stage, ‘IM Succeed’ prepares you to be an internet marketing master who will build a good credential with sufficient knowledge and skills to help others start their online business. Here, you will further propel yourself to a next level of success by helping others succeed in their internet business. You will be equipped with the essential tools that will ready you as an internet marketing expert.

Source by Marsden Tan

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