Internet Marketing Opportunities Highlighted by Pew Research Report


In a report issued just before Christmas, the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press confirmed something many of us probably know intuitively. That is, increasing numbers of Americans are relying upon the internet as their primary source of national and international news. The Pew Center data show that for 40% of Americans, the internet is the primary source of national and internal news while just 35% rely upon traditional newspapers. TV news remains on top at 70%.

  TechCrunch  responded to the Pew data this way. “Pew Survey Confirms What We All Know: Net Beats Newspapers As A Source For News.”

Nevertheless, it’s an important threshold. And, combined with other factors the data shows that for internet marketers, the web and more specifically, videos created for the internet, are possibly the most powerful tools available today for marketing effectiveness.

Consider the following:

–More than 50% of consumers and over 90% of business purchasers, search the internet before making a purchase decision.

–Websites rank #1 as the “single greatest source of influence” on shopping decisions by online consumers.

–Political analysts are only beginning to assimilate the gains made by the internet as a result of the heated 2008 elections.

So, if we accept that more and more Americans are turning to the web for information and buying decision support, as marketers we must consider the most influential vehicles for carrying our messages.

The answer clearly is video created specifically for the web.

In a November 2008 study, cMarketer reported that more than half the new material added to the internet each day is video. And, the number of video users will grow over twice as fast as overall internet penetration in the next five years.

The good news is that video production is less expensive than ever. For a very low cost compared to traditional advertising and marketing, web quality video can be created. However, to be effective, it must be supported by careful keyword discovery and a targeted and effective distribution system. In addition, follow-up support is generally indicated.

In discussing the role of newspapers and the internet in the recent election, the political website Real Clear Politics said “The two trains have passed each other in broad daylight.”

For marketers, the issue is which train you’re going to be on.

Source by Tom Sommers

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