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There have been high speculations on the exact date of the iPad Mini release. Amidst the global competition on Smart devices, the move has made many people to eye both with a positive mind concerning the features of the device as well as negative thoughts on whether the device will still be affordable to low or middle level users.

However, the device is actually coming soon after confirmed reports say that Apple is inviting media and news houses to its launching event in San Francisco California.

iPad Mini Why the long wait?

Though there may be super-thin information over the air, potential clients and customers are waiting for the device which is thought to be a simple design of iPad. Customers often have high hopes that a new device being released will address pressing mobile issues such as; power consumption and apps compatibility.

Great rumors have described the device to have a 7 or 9 inch of a stylish display. It is also though to accommodate a high resolution 8 Mega pixel camera. In the current technological state, mobile and data devices only becomes preferred only if they have; high sensitive touch screens, faster internet access, high camera resolutions and batteries with a long standby time.

The Device Design

The debate of iPad Mini release further gives hopes of the design since Foxconn and Pegatron that produces the Apple’s iKits have overheard of the device. The companies will oversee the production of the device but they don’t have the exact details. Whether the device will be used as a mobile phone is still a rocket science but the expected 7″ screen as opposed to previously though 5″ design has posed high hopes.

Apple fans reactions and release date

Most of Apple’s iPad fans feel stressed by the long wait as there has been an official announcement that invites will be made precisely on October 10 2012. More likely, the device official announcement is likely to fire in the second week of the same month with a launch as the month fades. It is definitely a highly anticipated smartphone. However, the actual launch of the device is still under verification but media houses will definitely get emails invite.

iPad Mini

Estimated Device Popularity

From   Tech   News  the device is estimated to make over 4 million units per month from September 2012 in anticipation for the end of year holidays. This is due the affordability of the device anticipated to be retailing at around US $299, the high resolution (1024 x 768) and 330 Pixels per Inch screen. The mini tablet will also run on iOS that will incorporate a free Google Map, passbook and Facebook integration apps.

Gps navigation, instant messages and touch to scroll ready smart phones have a higher market penetration. It is estimated that the normal phones that don’t allow multitasking will see their extinction in the next few years. However, such phones may be useful in developing world. iPad Mini release has come to breach the gap between the poor and the rich by passing an up-to-date technology ready device in one platform that addresses major smartphone issues.

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