Is Being Different A Crime?


When I see babies being born, I picture God sitting in his office and deciding every detail of the person he’s about to make. Then one day I feel he got bored with making the same kind of people again and again and that’s when he decided to make a different set of human beings or you can say the special ones. He spent hours together to create them and very delicately sculpted their bodies and gracefully painted their hearts with emotions and strength beyond our imagination. In the end He gave them his special touches and He decided to call them his ‘special kids’ who would be respected and loved by all and would be welcomed by people down there and that’s how in my opinion he gave birth to the people referred to as gays, lesbians, transgender and homosexuals on our planet. I wish the people could also see them the way God does. When the society became cognizant of these special kids they decided to seclude them instead of loving them. Our society defiled the noble intentions with which God created them. According to Chapter XVI, Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code criminalized sexual activities “against the order of nature” arguably including homosexual acts. It’s quite amusing to see that this law was actually introduced in 1860 when India was one of the British colonies and still continues to follow the rules made by the British whereas England amended this rule long back. What’s worth remembering is the country that is responsible for the legacy of persecution and disrespect faced by all the LGBT people today. There are more than 75 countries which have criminalised homosexuality, forty-two out of which were British colonies which clearly shows where the legacy comes from.

The section was declared unconstitutional with respect to sex between consenting adults by the High Court of Delhi on 2 July 2009. That judgement was overturned by the Supreme Court of India on 12 December 2013, with the Court holding that amending or repealing Section 377 should be a matter left to Parliament, not the judiciary. Not getting into the politics of the issue, I would like to throw some light on the fact that this law defines homosexual act as an unnatural act whereas I don’t remember God creating a book containing the list of things that can be considered natural and giving it to the people on Earth, then how can these people say that it’s not natural. What’s really sad is that people have a misconception that homosexuality is a choice made by a person what they really don’t understand is that it’s not a choice, it’s a God’s gift to them. I am straight and no one can force me to turn homosexual, the same way you can’t force a homosexual to turn straight. Lack of awareness causes people like Ramdev baba (a yoga master popularly known for all wrong things) to claim that he can fix homosexuality through yoga. There are also electric shock treatments available in Indian hospitals to cure homosexuality as if it’s a disease. Even the demagogues use this topic to seek votes and support from people and is successful in doing so due to illiteracy of the population. What is relieving is to see that the Right to change legal gender to Male/Female/Other has been enforced since April 15, 2014 which in my opinion is still quite late.

LGBTs don’t need to beg for clemency to anyone. They are human beings and they were born with equal rights and no one on this Earth has vested us with the power to deny them their emancipation. There are many countries like America and Argentina that have legalized same-sex marriages and sexual act with mutual consent is not punishable. Every time that we disrespect LGBTs we actually deprecate God and his ideals. Going to Church, Temples or Mosques everyday to pray is a futile attempt to please Him because if you can’t respect his creations, then how do you expect Him to believe that you respect Him and to ignore the egregious mistake you make by secluding, insulting, humiliating and cursing his creations. Just imagine how devastating it would be for you if you had to live all your life pretending to be someone you are not. There is a little girl in that man who wants to get out and live her life and not be judged by people, we will kill him if we try to suppress that girl in him or vice-versa. Live and let live. Don’t let characterization of gender take over the basic fact that we are first humans.

Maybe a century back even I would have been apprehensive about this issue but we are living in the 21st century where we are brought up with high-tech gadgets and not important values like to love and cherish everyone and to live with tranquility. If I don’t have the right to choose my partner in the 21st century then isn’t it evident that democracy is just hypocrisy of our society. In the coming years we will see a change, but it will be brought about only by our youth and no one else. We need to wake up from our sleeps and take a stand for our fellow friends who deserve to live without being judged. The day we start taking people for what they are and not for what we want them to be, that day we will undergo a phase of complete enlightenment and will sense the true form of humanity and sovereignty.

Source by Urjaa Singh

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