Is Loan Refinance the Best Option For You


Every individual needs money. When individuals do not have enough money of their own, they need to avail loans to “finance” their needs. The vast majority needs credit facility to satisfy their financial needs, so loans and repayments are more or less accepted as a part of “life”. Therefore, individuals avail loans, and once they do, they try to find ways and means to “save” something out of the situation, since loans are associated with debts, and debts indicate financial commitments and less or no savings. Individuals “need” to save money. There is one option available, as far as saving money is concerned – refinance your existing loans. The basic question is “Is refinancing beneficial to you?”, “Can you possible gain something through refinancing by saving some money at the month end?”, “Is refinancing recommended for you and your debt condition?”. The article tries to answer these questions.

What is a refinance, or “refinance option”?

Refinancing your loan means to avail a “new” loan, which is basically an extension of your existing loan, having a different set of loan terms and conditions, which are more favorable in terms of redeeming your credit dues, and also help to save some money at the month end. As per the refinance plan, your “older” loan is “paid off” to your lender, and you begin with a “new” credit facility having a new balance, a new interest rate, and new repayment options. The main advantage about refinancing activity is that your interest rate, associated with your new loan, is generally lower in comparison to your prior loan rates, thus enabling you to “save”. This is perhaps the most efficient, and recommended way of saving your money each month, in addition to your loan repayment. The refinance can be done for many types of credit facilities and loans. It is possible to refinance your car loan through car refinance or “refinance car loan” programs, and your existing mortgage with a refinance mortgage programs.

Majority of the auto refinance companies and banks provide facilities to “refinance” existing car loans, in addition to other types of loans related to mortgage or home, and even personal loans, provided you meet the eligibility criteria. In case of mortgages, the refinance is offered through mortgage refinance loans, whereas a few lenders provide the same facility in the form of home mortgage refinance. This is generally done without any additional charges, and all you have to do is fill out an application form, or alternately apply online. A word of caution – most loan companies tend to check your credit ratings before approving your application, and your refinance request. Another issue is not all credit institutions charge the same interest rates. So it is recommended to check out the various refinance interest rates offered by several lenders and banks before committing to one particular company or lender. Doing some “research” can help you avail competitive rates, and make your redemption more meaningful, as well as effective.

Why should I avail refinance facilities?

Considering the current market conditions, and how individuals the world over are affected by the economic recession, it is but logical that the average person would desire to “save” rather than “spend”. Earning and saving dollars is not as easy as it was in the past. The recent past. And if the individual thinks about availing facilities to “earn” some money, or “save” some money by “doing” something, the basic thinking is “why not?”. The concept of refinancing is fundamentally based upon “saving”, as well as “making things easy and affordable”. Refinance does have obvious advantages, and those advantages result into saving of money. Maybe “some” money, but “definitely” money. Refinancing can help you to effortlessly redeem your outstanding dues, and also help you save in the process. And availing refinance is easy, you do not need extraordinary eligibility criteria to become “eligible” for it. Another strong motivation is that refinance interest rates are steadily reducing, and as per statistics, there is a gradual and prolonged decrease in the refinance rates since some time. The turbulent market conditions are geared up to deal with refinancing, and the U.S. government, as well as lenders and banks are actively supporting the concept. Another reason, which strongly supports refinance, is that the idea can be used for all types of loans, whether it be a mortgage loan, a credit card loan, a personal loan, or for that matter any legal and valid loan as supported by the law and U.S. financial department.

From where do I avail refinance facilities?

Almost all registered banks and financial institutes within the U.S. support and provide refinance facilities and programs. A few institutions do not support refinancing of any kind, but such lenders are few and rare. The point to be considered is that the refinance rates vary from bank to bank, and lender to lender. There are no set guidelines provided by the   finance   department , which suggest the limits, or the range within which the lenders ought to charge their borrowers. In addition, the FICOs make a difference while availing refinance options. Good scores attract low and reduced interest rates, while poor scores invite higher rates of interest. The good news is that several companies support refinancing activities even when the FICO is low, and this turns out to be a distinct plus point for the vast majority of applicants who do not have decent credit ratings. Newspapers, magazines, and periodicals often advertise lenders and their refinance programs. One can also approach the credit bureaus and get a list of registered lenders. And the best option would be to check online for companies offering credit facilities and refinance options. There are many such companies and institutions, in fact the net is proliferated with such companies. They are quite easy to find. If you have a bad credit rating, and still desire to avail refinance facilities for refinancing your current car loan, companies offer the facility through bad credit car refinance programs, or the bad credit auto refinance plans, as some experts prefer to call it. The same hold true for mortgage refinance, in which case it is bad credit mortgage refinance programs, and bad credit home mortgage refinance plans respectively.

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