Is Technology Getting the Best of You?


It is an amazing world we are living in today. Ten years ago,  technology  had very little do with a real estate agents business — today,  technology  is the core of a successful agent’s business. Every day there seems to be something new available!

As a real estate professional, it is vital to keep up with the new programs and techniques being used in order to increase your business, market your listings and help buyers to find you.

With all of today’s  technology  available in your market, many agents are not sure how to go about using these new products and software.

Real Estate Virtual Assistants are available to rescue you from the information-overload. Real Estate Virtual Assistants are on top of today’s latest tools and  technologies  and will absorb the knowledge for you and help you to run your business efficiently.

Consider this. If you could have the perfect assistant what would he/she offer:

  • Trained on most real estate programs or software
  • Available when you need them
  • No vacations, lunch, down time
  • Has an vested interest in your business
  • Doesn’t require office space or equipment

Okay, so this all sound pretty good, right? Now consider this, by working with a real estate virtual assistant you are gaining an assistant who is:

  • Dedicated to your needs
  • Knowledgeable in the real estate programs you need in your business
  • Experienced in today’s real estate  technology 
  • Eager to assistant you in achieving your goals
  • Has a vested interest in your business (i.e., if you do well, they do well!)

The real estate virtual assistant will also offer creative ideas to market your business. When you work with a real estate virtual assistant, you can quickly see that they can offer out-of-the-box solutions because they are networked with hundreds of VAs across the country.

A Real Estate Virtual Assistant that belongs to an organization such as IREAA, or the International Real Estate Assistants Association, has a unique platform where they can share ideas, dilemmas or questions and receive a multitude of suggestions, advice and examples. Just like the way agent’s network in their business. By sharing ideas, marketing techniques, and also knowing how to use the programs to make them work for you, it’s a perfect solution that can only enhance your business!

Your real estate virtual assistant can handle just about all the administrative and marketing aspects of your business:

  • Listing Coordination
  • Lead Management
  • Transaction Management
  • Internet and Direct Marketing
  • Website Design and Maintenance
  • Daily Office Procedures
  • Social Networking Assistance
  • Blog Writing/Assistance

Source by Kim Hughes

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