Is the Tamil Film Industry Headed For a Disaster?


The Tamil movie industry is one of the oldest film industries in India. Next to   Bollywood , Tamil movies are being produced at record numbers each year. However, the fear that some movie goers have is that there seems to be a lack of good story lines in recent times as far as Tamil movies are concerned. This coupled with the fact that there seems to be a scarcity of actors with strong name recognition in recent times. There was a time when one mentions the name MGR and there was instant expectation of a high quality movie.

Mention the name Sivaji Ganesan and the movie buff could expect a high quality emotion packed story and top class acting. These great movie actors were followed by Kamal Haasan and Rajnikant who also claimed high quality acting levels. Now, however, there are too many actors and actresses, many of whom have no lasting power and staying stamina, end up acting in movies as well as sitcoms and television commercials and this has been watering down their star power. Add to it the fact that many of the Tamil movie actresses cannot even speak the language of Tamil and depend upon dubbing personnel to convey the thought. Not that good Tamil movies are simply not being made; there are high quality hits even in today’s movie world – movies such as Santosh Subramaniam, for example have captured the hearts of the young and the old alike; however, the ratio of good movies to average to poor movies in recent times is disproportionately low. This seems to be a cause for concern.

What can the Tamil film industry do to regain its high audience attraction. Well, to start off, they need to invoke only actors and actresses that claim strong star power. The story line has to be strong – forget about quantity and concentrate on quality productions. Actors and actresses need to be well versed in speaking the language. If Tamil is not their native tongue, then the producer or director must require that they take some kind of a Tamil language course and not let their acting excellence alone have to bear the burden of producing a quality act. After all, the screen has to depict both quality acting and superb delivery.

Source by Raj Krishnaswamy

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