Jarosa Beauty Bee Organic Peppermint Lip Balm (4 Pack) 100% All Natural Deep Moisturizing USDA Certified Organic for Dry or Chapped Lips


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Welcome to the best experience your lips will encounter (aside from love’s kiss). Do you know where people look when you talk? People without knowing it are taking in what you are saying but also your lip movement. That’s right! They are looking at your lips. Aside from wanting to feel your best, why not look your best too, lips and all. Jarosa Beauty’s Bee Organic Lip Balm is USDA Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth, all natural, and has the USDA Certified Seal to prove it. Aside from that, it is the simply the best and highest rated lip balm we have ever encountered. Don’t wait to let your lips experience the bliss of this ultra moisturizing beautifying lip balm. Enjoy it yourself! Use it as that perfect gift for the not-so-easy-to-buy-for friend or relative. Your friends and family will love it too. Plus it’s proudly crafted right here in the USA! If we don’t satisfy your need – no need to worry. The manufacturer of this product guarantees all their products with a money back guarantee, regardless of where they are purchased. All authorized merchants will honor that same guarantee. So here’s to your healthy beautiful lips!USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Our lip balm is USDA certified organic by Oregon Tilth for your peace of mind. Let’s face it, lip balm goes on your lips, but also does make its way into your mouth as you talk, eat, drink, and move throughout the day. We believe it should therefore be made of the highest quality ingredients. That means also that we don’t just say our products are cruelty free and earth friendly, they are proven to be!
100% NATURAL: That’s right. You can actually read all the ingredients. They are natural, safe and non-toxic.
PEPPERMINT FLAVOR: Organic peppermint oil is used in our lip balm to stimulate circulation to the lips and promote healing for dry chapped lips
ULTRA MOISTURIZING: Our lip balm deeply moisturizes lips. Great for protecting lips and effective as a moisturizer. Use for dry, chapped lips, to moisturize before applying lipstick or as a gloss for over lip stain. Great for sensitive lips.
MANUFACTURER’S MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: All Jarosa Beauty Products are guaranteed from the manufacturer, regardless of where you buy them.

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