Jeep Patriot – Is it to British Tastes?


The range of Jeep vehicles are a peculiar import to the British shores after being taken to heart by Americans as a collective. I can understand why our friends across the pond would take to them so readily; they’re big, brassy, aggressive and create quite a fearsome presence on the roads. The British palette for motor vehicles is somewhat more understated. Rather than big gas guzzling behemoths, the British tend to lean toward more elegant and ecologically sound vehicles; accurately representing what has been labelled ‘British Reserve’.


There are also practical considerations; American roads are long, straight affairs with little need for ultra-responsive handling. Adversely, to navigate across Britain, one has to deal with windy country roads and roundabouts, where pinpoint handling is more than desirable; it’s a necessity. So how can a huge 4X4 be a viable automotive choice in Britain? Well, to be honest, it can’t.


The Jeep Patriot is a continuation of the Compass mould; a big, fuel hungry 4X4 with scant regard for other road users. If you see one of these giants in your rear-view mirror, the overwhelming urge is to pull over, let it pass and hope it doesn’t drive over you like some kind of monster truck. As predicted, it isn’t as practical as one would hope for.


For a country used to the elegance and luxury of the Land Rover vehicles, the Jeep Patriot is quite an eye-opener but for the wrong reasons. It feels uncomfortable, cumbersome and relatively languid in comparison to any of the Land Rover models. When you check the price tag though, you can see why.


The Jeep Patriot is available for around £15,500 if you shop around, which for a vehicle of this size is dirt cheap. But I am a firm believer in the saying; “you get what you pay for”. The Jeep Patriot is probably a workable choice for those of us who have genuine need for a mid-range powered 4X4, but if you’re just going to the supermarket, or taking the kids to school, then this becomes a unpractical and expensive nuisance.


The Jeep brand has a huge following in America, but I predict it will take a lot more effort in the refinement department to make this a desirable vehicle to the more reserved and practically-minded British.

Source by Pete Ridgard

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