Jogging Health Benefits


Jogging health benefits have very far reaching effects. Jogging is not only a great way to keep your body running smoothly, but your mind as well. Many studies have shown that people who participate in healthy activities such as jogging, have much more self esteem and positive attitudes about themselves and life in general.

Jogging is the simplest exercise you can do. If comes naturally and anyone can participate in it. The only thing to remember is to start off gradually. Most problems related to jogging is because an individual tried to do more than their body was physically ready for, or did not warm up sufficiently. Always begin with a slow, short program and as your body gets in condition, gradually pick up your pace and go longer distances.

Jogging has a large number of health benefits. Below are four of the more prevalent jogging health benefits and a short explanation of each.

1 – Strengthens your heart and improves your cardio vascular system – The heart is a muscle, and like any other muscle the more exercise you give it the stronger it gets. As you run it has to work harder to supply your body’s oxygen supply. As it pumps harder it not only increases in strength but the added pressure can help keep your arteries cleaned out, lowering your chances of a heart attack.

2 – Improves your respiratory system – When you first start running you will find you get out of breath fairly easily if you are not already in good physical shape from other types of exercise. If you continue jogging on a regular basis you will find you can jog faster and for longer periods. This is because the capillaries in your lungs are getting healthier from the increased blood supply.

3 – Strengthens muscles and burns calories – As you jog you are using many of the muscles in your body. While these muscles are active they will be burning a considerably larger amount of calories than they would if you were only sitting or even walking. This will help you keep your weight down and your body strong. Obesity and lack of exercise are two risk factors for diabetes. Jogging will be a giant step in helping to prevent this serious health problem.

4 – Gives you stronger bones – Jogging puts stress on your skeleton and stimulates an increase in the density of your bones. They will be thicker and less brittle which will vastly improve your chances of avoiding bone diseases such an osteoporosis later on.

Jogging health benefits extend farther than this short article can cover, but hopefully you now have some of the basic knowledge of what jogging can do for you. If you feel you are completely out of shape, you may want to go to your doctor first for a checkup and get advice from professionals.

Jogging health benefits are something everyone can participate in. Our website has a huge amount of information on jogging, its health benefits and lots of great jogging tips.

Source by Robert N. Perry

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