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One of the most popular obsessions in the media today is celebrities. While most celebrities are of the movie actor and actress variety, there are also sports figures, musicians, models and socialites who fall into the celebrities’ category. There are many magazines, blogs, websites and television shows devoted to celebrities and their various antics. Some of them seek out fame; others complain about it and try to avoid the spotlight as much as possible. But there is no question that celebrities and their lives are incredibly popular topics in this country and world.

Celebrities intrigue us for many reasons. For one thing, they are usually very attractive and good looking. Therefore, they are pleasant to look at. This is why so many people – especially teenagers – are fond of putting up posters of their favorite celebrities. Many high school students may put up pictures of celebrities that they consider to be especially hot in their locker or on their book covers. Thanks to today’s modern technology, some people may choose to put images of their favorite celebrities on their computer desktop, or as the background image on their cell phone.

One of the most popular ways to keep up with celebrity gossip is through the Internet, and most particularly through celebrity gossip blogs. These blogs usually update continuously throughout the day, and generally feature pictures of celebrities and news about their day to day lives. Sometimes they talk about events that celebrities may attend, but usually they focus on more seemingly mundane, day to day activities that they take part in. This just goes to show how much people are willing to go in their obsession and thirst for celebrity information.

Another popular way to keep up with the goings on of celebrities is through weekly magazines. A couple of the most popular of these magazines are People and US Weekly. These magazines tend to take more in depth looks into the lives of celebrities, and also pretty much revolve around pictures of many different celebrities. The circulation of these magazines is incredibly high, proving how much attention so many people are willing to pay to stars and celebrities. Most of the major magazines also have websites on the Internet where people can have another way of keeping up with celebrity gossip, after they finish reading their weekly magazine.

Celebrities can often seem to lead soap opera style lives; many are constantly breaking up with significant others, finding new paramours, getting married and divorced in a seemingly endless cycle. A lot of them seem to have large entourages constantly at their beck and call. Some celebrities are also known for their reckless and even dangerous lifestyles, whether they involve excessive partying or a revolving door of boyfriends or girlfriends. These kinds of celebrities definitely only serve to feed the obsession for celebrity gossip in this country.

Celebrities are far from a new phenomenon; particularly with the advent of motion pictures, people have always been fascinated by them. Even before movies were invented, though, celebrities were made of theater stars. Celebrities are unlike to go away any time soon.

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