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The world is a crazy place and we are all being inundated with negativity these days through the media. Every day all you hear about is the economic crisis, job layoffs, government bailouts of huge corporations, rising gas prices, and home foreclosures. Perhaps you may or may not be one of the hundreds of thousands of people affected by these events. The news and the current times are scary, depressing and stressful and these events can put you as an individual into a negative vibration where you will be attracting negativity into your life.

It doesn’t have to be this way and this is the time to look at this as an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Well, one way to do that is to get “clear” on what it is you really want and to dig deep inside of what it is you are passionate about and what your purpose is to create your reality, the life you want.

What do I mean by reinventing yourself. Let’s say you’re unemployed and you’re feeling bad about it on so many different levels and you are home all the time, feeling lazy physically and mentally. You’re not able to think clearly and see this as a time of opportunity. This country was built on entrepreneurs because they were able to see opportunity and stay in a positive mindset. Now is the time to pursue your passion.

Here’s a true story. I have a very close friend of mine whose wife divorced him and a month later lost his job last year and spent the year trying to find work through traditional methods. To help get himself through this difficult time, he went to the gym every day and always stayed in a positive frame of mind and his  health  and fitness was the best it had ever been in his 40+ years. My friend never found a job, and the unemployment ran out, but you know what, he reinvented himself. From spending time in the gym and getting to know the people who worked there, he found his passion and saw an opportunity. He became a fitness professional and is now employed. This also allows him to pursue his other passion as an actor and model.

You really need to get “clear” and let go of all limiting beliefs which causes resistance. Your Temple, the precious human body, and it’s  health , fitness and wellness is at the core or center of getting clear within yourself of what your passion and or purpose is. If your  health , fitness and wellness is not up to par, it becomes difficult to get “clear” of what it is you want and attract the things you want.

Poor  health  or self image makes it hard to feel positive about things because you feel so bad physically and emotionally. If you are lethargic all the time, feeling unmotivated or unproductive because your energy levels are low, it makes it hard to focus and concentrate on the things you really want. If you look at yourself in the mirror and are not happy with the image you see, it affects your self-confidence making you feel you are unworthy of things. Your mind is cluttered with negativity.

Exercise releases “endorphins” which is a chemical in the brain that is responsible for putting you in a positive mood. It’s almost as if you’ve taken a “happy” pill. Another chemical that is released from exercise is Serotonin which helps combat depression.

The foods you eat can impact the way you feel. Foods that are processed and are high in sodium and fats can make you feel sluggish and bloated or can cause heartburn or indigestion in some cases turning us into “couch potatoes”. When you start to feel bad physically, in turn, you feel bad emotionally and mentally, which again, does not put you in a positive frequency. There are simple things you can do such as reaching for an apple instead of chips.

You talk to just about anyone out there, next to wanting to be financially abundant, the number one thing people want to is to lose weight, feel better and look better. But when you talk to people and ask them what they are doing about it, chances are they aren’t doing much of anything. And it’s not like they don’t know what it is they have to do to make improvements in this area. When you ask them why they aren’t doing anything to make the improvements they want, they will come up with all kinds of excuses. The excuses are forms of RESISTANCE. No body truly desires to be overweight, obese, lethargic, sick. Yet, we all know that being sedentary, sitting on the couch in front of the “plug in drug” with a bag of chips or getting your next meal from the drive through of your nearest burger chain, is only going to continue to contribute to weight gain and a decline in your overall  health , fitness and wellness. So why do people RESIST making better food choices or getting off the couch and exercising? Because it’s easier to stay in your holding pattern. To not step outside your comfort zone. It’s comfortable and familiar even though you know deep down it’s wrong and it’s not what you want.

Getting started isn’t easy, but once you get started, you’ll start to feel better. You’re not going to see results overnight, but mentally you will start to feel better and if you are feeling better mentally, that will put you in a positive vibration. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated. The simple act of getting outside and walking or running is a good starting point or doing simple body weight exercises that require no equipment. I know when I’m exercising, it’s almost like a form of meditation for me and I start getting inspired thought which gets me clear and focused on what I want. As a matter of fact, I recently got an inspired thought and I am once again reinventing myself within my profession and I am so excited about it that my clients are feeding off my excitement and enthusiasm.

When you start feeling better physically and emotionally, you start to feel better mentally. You are more confident, happy, energetic and people are drawn to that “feel good” energy. You are able to get “clear” of the things you really want making it easier to attract the things you want through the people you interact with and take inspired action. Aaahhhh, inspired action. How refreshing. Actually doing something about what you want as opposed to just talking about it. Not living your life as a “what if”. And it all started with something as simple as taking care of YOUR Temple, your precious human body.

Source by Shari Friedman

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