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There was a time when one could not find any LCD review in computer magazines or in online computer portals. The main reason for that is that this  technology  was just not there. Since the time the personal computers were launched, most of the monitors were based on CRT (cathode ray tube)  technology  and hence there was no any one would be able to find LCD reviews anywhere. Compared to those days, just check out the information  technology  magazines of today. There is hardly an issue published that does not have references to this  technology  that is taking the world by storm and most magazines carry one LCD review or even more.

Most of these LCD reviews are generic in nature in the sense that they go into details about how the LCD screen works but there are few LCD reviews that discuss in details about the monitors that are manufactured using this  technology . Just go online and search for LCD review and you will find many websites that have got several products which are using LCD  technology  and the LCD reviews on these sites go on to explain details about these products, mainly monitors and other displays that are based on this  technology . These LCD reviews go on to state how this  technology  has changed the way display units for computers are manufactured and also about the lower power consumption of monitors using LCD displays.

Manufacturers are changing  technologies  to keep up with the times. Till a few years back the flat screen CRT monitors were the in things and there were hardly any LCD reviews for the simple reason that there were just a limited number of LCD monitors. They were so costly that few could afford to purchase them. Once the initial development costs were recovered, the manufacturers started producing monitors using the liquid display  technology  and prices of the same started falling down. This was the period that experienced a boom in sales of monitors using the liquid crystal display  technology  and hence the number of LCD reviews in magazines also started increasing.

There is an unwritten law that states that magazines will assess and write about products that are hot. Though one mind find some articles about products that have not made it up to the mark, the number of reviews for fast selling products are far more. The publishers of magazines stand to gain too. You might have noted that the page carrying the LCD review might be having ads on the facing page. Publishers are smart and know that they can easily ask for more money and even get lots of ads about LCD products, in the issues of their magazines that contain LCD reviews. The next time you want to know more about some latest gizmos and want to check out their ads, just see if the magazine you are going to purchase contains reviews for any related product. If it has LCD reviews, you can bet that there will be a number of ads for LCD related items too.

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