Lead Debt Free Life Through Personal Debt Management


Though coming under debt burden is no strange financial happening in modern world of consumerism, still personal debt management skills can lessen or even make any person lead a debt free life. In fact need of the hour is that personal debt management should be taught right when we are in schools so that spending money in accordance to our means becomes an early habit.

Personal debt  management  is all about managing personal  finances  in such a way that it does not allow debts to increase and also later debts get reduced. Clearly it is the matter of financial discipline. It is necessary to initiate personal debt management and for that first find out the route cause. In most of the cases credit cards are the culprits. People do not think twice before using credit cards. At that time price of commodities may sound cheaper but the payment is often delayed as card holder thinks of paying when next pay cheque comes. Meanwhile the interest increases and over delayed payment comes with heavy penalty from Credit Card Company. So limit use of credit cards and instead prefer debit card which does not permit spending more amount than you have in your bank account.

Proper planning is the key to personal debt management. If you wish to buy a property then plan for eliminating debts first so that when you take loan it comes at lower interest and the money saved could be utilized for education, medical bills payments.

One principle of personal debt management is not to borrow. If the debt is unbearable and is to be replaced by lower interest debt consolidation loan then only one should borrow. Never make borrowing for buying each and every thing a habit which we do in case of using credit cards every now and then. Better ask credit card issuing company to limit your credit so that you do not spend excessively. In case you have number of credit cards, eliminate some of them.

A debt consolidation loan also is an effective strategy to control debts. The consolidation loan will not make you debt free as you take a fresh loan to pay off old debts of higher interest rate, but it lessens the debt burden. With high interest rate debt paid off to various lenders and the debts consolidated under one new lender, you save lot of money that was draining through monthly payments to various lenders. Now you pay monthly installments to one lender only.

If nothing works then take help of credit counselor who will pinpoint your mistakes in planning budget for personal debt management. Once you have plan in hand make sure you stick to it. Half hearted approach is not going to lead you anywhere in your goal of personal debt management.

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