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The state of Florida is the 4th largest state in terms of population. Not only that; it also shows a remarkably high percentage with regard to its divorce cases. The only authorized department that manages Florida Divorce Records in this state is the State Office of Vital Statistics which is under the Florida Department of Health. Thus, any requests and concerns about these files should be best forwarded to this office together with the required fee and waiting time of within 2 to 3 weeks.

The above-mentioned department only houses those divorce cases that were recorded from June 6, 1927 up to the current time. Those that were created prior to that date are only obtainable at the Clerk of Court in the county where the divorce proceedings occurred. Unlike some other states, searching for this report in the state of Florida entails no restrictions or limitations whatsoever. However, since state databases are not networked, any multi-state searching can still be such a troublesome and tedious process.

Getting divorced is probably one of the hardest and painful stages in one’s married life. It doesn’t only affect the involved couple, but their family and friends too. The confidentiality of this case should be kept in private. However, there are still a lot of divorces that are no longer managed by both parties to the extent that turning to the Courts became the last resort. Consequently, along with that decision to take the case to the court is the sad reality that your personal privacy has also disappeared.

Divorce Court Records are public records. Basically, that means that anyone is allowed to access and use the information that is contained in your divorce record and you can also do the same thing to theirs as long as you adhere to the policies of the states. In this document, you will get to know the personal information of the separating couple, their parents’ and children’s, the time, place, and grounds for the divorce, filing number, decree, asset division and settlement, restraining orders, children custody, and more. It sometimes includes financial issues too.

Gathering information on divorce court records is most commonly done to investigate the background of someone, support legal proceedings, finish a genealogy research, and for an adopted child to find his or her biological parents. Nowadays, searching has been made easier and quicker than back in the old days through the help of the Internet. Those services that are found online can be availed either free-of-charge or with a certain fee. It has been proven, though, that those that are top-rated and recommended for serious cases are obtainable for a small fee.

It’s never easy to receive a divorce paper from someone whom you married and hoped to live with forever. But unfortunately, since divorce cases are now increasing, it is also expected that more and more spouses are experiencing such painful event in their lives. No matter how hard it is, it is still important for a person to Retrieve Divorce Papers for future use and reference. Therefore, don’t throw them away or tear them apart because this will serve as the legal basis of your separation with someone in case you wanted to remarry or if your ex-spouse gets into financial trouble.

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