Legislated Morality – Good Or Bad?


I am sick and tired of censorship and legislated morality. This country was supposed to be about freedom! Our Country’s founders knew that freedom meant separation of church and state. Two hundred and thirty years later, in many States or Counties in this nation, it’s illegal to buy beer on a Sunday, to purchase an X rated movie, or sell an adult toy. If something is harmful to others, it should be controlled by legislation, i.e. driving while intoxicated, or even smoking in public area’s. I still do not believe that is anywhere as close to being as harmful as they try to make us believe. If it does not harm others property, or persons, then there should not be any legislation against it.

Using the Federal, State, City, or County Police to in-force laws at governing morality should be illegal. I do not care if it is against your religious, moral beliefs or principals to drink alcoholic beverages on a Sunday. Fine, no problem, don’t drink them. It is not against my morals to have a beer on a Sunday, so why can I not purchase one? If I enjoy seeing women naked, who are you to tell me I can’t! I am an adult, I like adult things. It has gotten so bad, that the word adult is now synonymous with word dirty. Adult movies, adult toys, adult parties, could be exchanged for dirty movies, dirty toys, and dirty parties.

Look, I don’t want you’re seven year old kid exposed to pornography. Today’s technology can prevent a child from turning on a certain channel, or finding an improper web site. It is the parents responsibility to insure these devices are safe for their children, not the governments responsibility to police the material.

There is a difference between morals and ethics. Morals are a blanket solution to spontaneous situations, ethics shine from within out, spontaneous solutions to spontaneous situations. In other words, morality is dictated by others to cover situations in our life and are general in nature. Ethics are what you know to be right or wrong in your own mind. You have the power to decide if something is right for you are not. As a civilization that believes in freedom of choice, should we not have the freedom to decide if something violates our ethics?

Adult shops that sell adult toys and pornography are often closed down using an armed police force. Their property is seized, they are fined, and owners and clerks are often jailed, thousands of tax dollars are spent, for what? No children have entered the store. Nobody has been injured. No one is forced to view material that the don’t want to see. In fact, what is more likely to happen is:

  • A couple finds a new way to add spice to their marriage, and as a result have a much better sex life.
  • A lonely person was able to find some joy.
  • A woman that may have never experienced an orgasm, now has one.
  • A person with disorder, or handicap can find self gratification.
  • A marriage is saved.
  • A rape is adverted. (many studies in places where porn is permitted have much lower rape cases)

Dildoes have been around since the ancient Greeks. Couples and women used them to improve their sex life. Vibrators have been around since the 1800’s. Doctors use to prescribe them to women. All this history and we still do not have any indication that these devices have caused serious injury to an individual, anyones property, family, or society.

A woman was recently arrested in Texas because she was hosting Home Passion Parties. These parties are only attended by adults that have foreknowledge of what is being sold. No children are exposed, they are held in the privacy of someones home. She was arrested because Texas law forbids her from explaining the use of some of these devices. She now has an arrest record because she was helping couples improve their love life. What is the crime?

Someone along the way, with enough clout decided that this was immoral or against their principals. They made it a crime. They turned this woman into a criminal. I can respect your morals and ethics, if you find these items offensive, then don’t go to the adult stores, don’t go to the passion parties, do something else. Allow us our freedom of ethics.

Some of these morality laws don’t involve adult themed items. In South Carolina and other places, they have the Blue Law. The Blue Law prevents a citizen from purchasing anything, before noon, that isn’t on the exception list. For instance, if I want to paint my house, I am not allowed to purchase that paint until after noon on Sunday. If I want to run into a Walmart to buy a swimsuit so I can go swimming on a hot summer Sunday, I will have to wait until the clock reads 12:01 pm. Why? Because someone felt that we should be in church on a Sunday, so they tried to create legislation to force us out of the stores until church is over. Does that sound like separation of church and state to you?

To all you do-gooders that want to impose your morality on others by using the Governments Police force, shame on you! That is exactly how Hitler was able to commit genocide. He legislated his moral beliefs. That is how the Inquisition killed, or tortured so many innocent people. They legislated their moral beliefs and principals. The Romans killed Christians by legislating their moral beliefs too. In the middle ages, scientist were arrested, tortured and even executed because they tried to teach that the sun was at the center of out solar system, and that was against the mainstream moral belief. Throughout history, legislating morality has only opened the door for Dictators and over zealous do-gooders to inflict pain, and suffering on the innocent. Do you not trust your own ethics?

How do they get away with it? Because too many of us keep our mouths shut. We need our contacts at the local church or school and do not want anybody to think that we may participate in anything that is frowned upon. It is because of our desire for privacy in these matters that we do not speak up. It is because we want to participate in main stream society. (although half feel the same way you do, and don’t speak up for the same reason) Those that want our freedom may just have to endure some embarrassment in order to protect the rights our forefathers gave us. Considering that many have given their lives for these and other rights, I don’t think a little embarrassment is such a high cost.

It’s time to speak up, be heard! They have a bigger voice because they are organized by Churches and Schools, and they use their political power on the legislators. We need to organize, and let our Government Officials know that we will not tolerate legislation of morality! We demand our freedom, and we want our rights protected, we want our ethics!

Their was a man. He wanted to publish a magazine that took pictures of naked women. Morality legislation tried to stop him, he took his fight all the way to the supreme court to win his right to publish his magazine. He did this despite the personal cost. Financial cost, sure, but a bigger cost was when he lost his ability to walk when he was shot by some moral do-gooder on the steps of the Lawrenceville Georgia Courthouse. He did not give up. He wheeled himself into the supreme court and was able to win his right to publish Hustler Magazine.

Now, I don’t like Hustler, it’s a little too explicit for my taste. I don’t care for the way it treats woman, so I don’t buy it. Does that mean I don’t think he should publish it? True. I don’t think it should be published, however, I would die to defend Hustlers right to publish the magazine. If their isn’t a market, then it will not sell, and the company will go away. If free enterprise does not dispose of it, then their is a market for it. If their is a market for it, who the hell has the right to legislate that it should not be allowed!

I ask you do-gooders out their to stop trying to legislate your morality and principals. Stop turning people into criminals just because they have different ethical beliefs.

It didn’t work for prohibition. It hasn’t stopped prostitution. It hasn’t stopped the use of drugs. It merely chased these activities into the dangerous underground. Places that have legalized prostitution, do not have the difficulties that we have where prostitution is illegal.

Our jails are filled with people that have not committed any act of violence. Their only crime, is a different standard. Their crime is trying to live their lives the way they want to live them. Legislating morality has made many true criminals rich. You have provided a way for the violent, and truly offensive people to make a living. Lifting prohibition put an end to the Gangster era. Let’s put an end to this runaway crime, let’s take the profit from true criminals. Let’s stop spending billions on Police, Courts, jails, and prisons just because of people that have a different lifestyle, and different ethics. Stop legislating morality, give us the freedom to follow our ethics. If what I do does not harm another person, If what I do does not harm anyones property then I should have the right for pursuit of happiness and guide my life through my ethics.

Source by James Newton

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