Legitimate Government Grants – Secrets to Get Government Grants Legally


The 2009 Stimulus Package has announced several grants for the US people. These include several purposes like food & clothing, home renovation, clearing your debts, etc.

Here are some basic facts that you must know about the government grants and some secrets of getting them legally:

· The basic requirement to get the Federal Grants are as follows:

– You must be 18 years of age.

– You must be a legal citizen.

– Your requirement must be valid & legal.

· These grants are directly given by the Federal Government through the HUD (US Federal Housing & Urban Development) Department. You must apply there directly.

· Remember any one who tells that they can help you get the grant sanctioned in lieu of some money, they are befooling you. There are no such agents or resources that can actually help you in this regard.

· You must gather all the information regarding the grants and their various categories. In case you have any queries contact the local government office or the HUD officials.

· The form to apply to get the grants is available on the government website. Remember once you have filled the form, the information you have given their can not be changed. So you must check properly that the information you furnish in form is absolutely correct.

· You must be aware that the financial details you submit must be complete & not misleading. Do not try to hide any thing and be very frank in expressing your hardships.

· Your credit score foes not become a hurdle in your grants, but you must mention them in full.

· In case some specific grants your current income, your expenses and your marital status are important deciding factors. You must check your eligibility in that regard.

· You must have all valid & legal proofs of the financial details you submit in the form.

Source by Sani Orman

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