Lever 2000 Bar Soap, Original 4 oz, 12 Bar Twin Pack


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The Original Lever 2000 actively works to refresh and replenish your skin. Refresh and replenish your skin with Lever 2000 Original. Our advanced formula with special minerals and nutrients has more skin hydrators than the leading deodorant bar-leaving skin feeling smoother and more refreshed. What makes Lever 2000 different from other deodorant bar soaps? It’s all about the ingredients. Specially formulated with more skin hydrating ingredients than the other leading bar soap, Lever 2000 leaves skin feeling smoother and more refreshed. It’s a difference you can feel!The Product packaging has been updated from “Perfectly Fresh” to “Original” with no change in the product
Get the fresh, clean scent and touchable clean your whole family will love
Perfectly fresh scent leaves a lingering freshness after your shower
Replenishes and refreshes your skin with nutrients and minerals
Made in the USA

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