LG 42LE5400 LED HDTV Review


LG 42LE5400 LED HDTV is a high-definition model of television that render energy-saving backlight, a 1080p Full HD resolution for crystal-clear image display, and TruMotion 120Hz technology to ensure no trace of motion blur. This state-of-the-art item designed by LG is also very suitable when you want to watch sporting events and high-speed movies with even incredible 2.6 millisecond response time.

As you can observe, this state of the art item surely provides deeper blacks, myriads of clear colors, and complete sharpness in image quality. They are designed to look slimmer for more power-saving capability. The fast-moving scenes when utilized with Motion Capture can facilitate increased fluid and natural image presentation.

For more quality features, check these added features of LG 42LE5400 LED HDTV.

  • For great presentation of image brightness, sharpness and vivid color combination, LCD with LED backlight can deliver a remarkable high quality picture presentation which will also give power saving capability unlike other models of this item.
  • It has 4,000,000:1 dynamic ratio so this will not give you enough reason to worry when scenes are made in dark settings. This feature delivers vivid and detailed colors and finer blacks you can not compare.
  • You can install your TV in any area inside your room with its wireless 1080p connectivity which remains firm in displaying high quality image resolution.
  • It has two available USB ports to attach external drives to read files such as MP3 audio, JPEG images, and DivX HD video. For you to acquire complete enjoyment in media entertainment, grab one unit now and watch your favorite channels in full HD quality like no other.
  • It comes with stereo speakers of 20 watts power, you might as well enjoy its Dolby Digital decoding and 4 HDMI inputs.
  • You can enjoy complete services of internet connection with LG 42LE5400 LED HDTV that allows you to experience NetCast and some other internet applications. Needless to say you will have wonderful time watching shows after shows with this excellent must-have.
  • Maximize the benefit of internet connection as this unit let you navigate through interesting sites. It allows you TV to access Netflix, Vudu, YouTube and other online sites for video streaming. This has also included the common collection of Yahho! widgets that delivers information about the weather and monitor stock prices. You surely can’t get away with these incredible features.

LG 42LE5400 LED HDTV surely fits everything you need from a TV. Before making up your mind as to which product to purchase, consider doing online comparison first of different models of television you think are interesting.

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