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LG has recently launched Chocolate BL40 which may be considered as one of the most hi-tech mobile phones ever introduced. This phone will make you happy in more ways than one. This phone is a member of the LG Black Label Series. Chocolate BL40 has some amazing attributes which enhances the utility of the phone to a great extent. Its QWERTY keyboard is among the best in the mobile phone arena. The amazing touch screen will allow the user to access the phone with ease and comfort. You can send all kinds of message with just one click.

LG Chocolate BL40 is perfect for watching movies online, viewing news and reading mails, because of its powerful internet. Various connectivity options are given in this phone which allows the user to share information, pictures, images and videos. Bluetooth, 3G, HSDPA and Wi-Fi are in built in this phone. You will surely not need another gadget, if you have this one.

The most noticeable feature of LG Chocolate BL40 is its huge 4.0 inch HD WVGA Screen. It has 16 million colors and amazing resolution of 345*800 pixels, which gives you an awesome viewing experience. The colors and sharpness of this phone is unmatchable. This phone has great looks; it comes with a very fashionable and stylish black colored casing. The phone is huge, with dimensions as 12.8*5.1*1.09. This phone is ideal for people who like to watch movies on phone and who like to surf web on their phone.

A 5 MP camera is another attribute which gives the value of LG Chocolate BL40 a boost. Automatic focus and flash allows the picture to be taken clearly and easily. Some other features of this phone are an in-built Music Player with Touch Screen Music Controls, XHTML & HTML Multi Touch Web Browsing and Instant Messaging.

We can say that LG Chocolate BL40 is a fully loaded entertainment phone with features like Music Player (WAV, MP3, & eAAC+), Dolby Mobile Sound, Touch Screen Music Controls, FM Radio RDS, Polyphonic Ring tones and MP3 Ring tones.

This handset is GPS enabled and helps in navigation. You can download maps of various locations from the internet and they will assist you in navigation. LG Chocolate BL40 offers true value for money. This is the best choice if you are looking for a phone which is high on entertainment and has almost all the sophisticated features. Chocolate BL40 is surely worth your attention.

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