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The Lifeline Express or Jeevan Rekha Express is a moving first aid train managed by the Impact India Foundation. It was founded in partnership with the Indian Railways and Health Ministry and has been financed by Impact UK, international benevolent sources, Indian business houses and some renowned people. It commenced in July, 1991; so far the facility has helped approximately 400,000 Indians in the outer most rural parts of the nation over the process of nearly ninety projects.

Presently in its sixteenth year, the Lifeline express now has two trains. Alike projects have also been happening, particularly the Jibon Tori scheme in Bangladesh. The Lifeline express was developed to offer immediate problem solving, medical and highly developed surgical cure for protective and healing interventions for disabled adults and children into unreachable remote areas where medical facilities are not available At a higher level, the Lifeline express looks out to promote consciousness on subjects facing the handicapped, and endorses and supports both the Government and NGO division to get involved. It also encourages media awareness.


The Lifeline Express offers a large number of medical services which consists of

oOphtamological operations and involvement, eg cataract surgery and Intraocular lenses.

oAudiometry and surgical interventions for the people who are having the problem in Hearing

oBone deformities and surgeries for improvement of handicap and reinstatement of movement, particularly those who suffered from polio.

oSurgical correction of a crack.

oInformation about a particular services and recommendation services.

oLink with local health organizations and Report on that

oVaccinations and other curative measures.

oDietry assessment and services.

oEncouraging of Health awareness amongst the underprivileged in the deserted rural and semi-urban areas

oOffering guidance to medical and allied-health professionals and other chosen personnel in surgical methods, medical and health matters for work in exceptional field situations.

The train moves to various portions of the country, generally the rural areas with inadequate medical facilities, or regions hit by natural calamities, etc., and stays in each place for number of days till the situation is well under control while medical care is offered to the local people. The train which commenced in 1991 and is still continuing its noble work till day.

The Lifeline Express was founded in 1991, with three coaches provided by Indian Railways, and all the necessary apparatus and surgical tools from Impact India, a non-profit Organisation eastablished in seven countries across the world, with its Indian head office in Mumbai. Impact India till day runs the trains with help from Indian Railway and corporate and exclusive donors.

Source by Asma Rofik

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