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A large part of the population has been affected due to the recent economic downturn. Small business registrations have increased due to the search for alternative forms of income. Indeed, the recession has made people realize that one cannot solely depend on their income alone. Worse, the company they work for might even be gone tomorrow! For this reason, the search for low capital, gradual growth companies has increased. So here’s my top 4 list of small business ideas:

#4. Cosmetic Representative:

The cosmetics business does not seem to be as critically affected by the recession. In fact, women like to look their best, especially when economics are slow. Since a little dash of good lipstick color makes one feel confident. It is an inexpensive way for women to give themselves a little self-esteem boost. Besides, who doesn’t know a few women who enjoy taking the time to look their best? It takes less than an hour to be briefed by a cosmetic representative on how to sell cosmetic products. Start-up capital required is minimal, allowing one to get started quickly and affordably.

#3. Event Organizer:

As we progress through our lives, celebration and life events continue to happen, events such as weddings, birthdays, reunions, anniversaries, etc. Unfortunately, not many people have the time on their hands required to pull everything together. As an example, organizing a wedding requires connecting people from both the bride and the groom to be present and available for rehearsals, decorating, etc. Usually all that is required is clients, a little word of mouth, and the ability to be very organized with the attention to detail.

#2. Pet Shop Business:

Many people love their pets, to the point of treating them like children. Dressing them up, throwing birthday parties and buying gifts all lead to the need for a specific pet store. A Pet Shop Business that offers grooming services is one of the best small businesses that can be set-up fast. What is required is a medium-sized location that can serve as a store and a grooming salon for pets. Pet owners even relish the thought of having their pets enjoy spa like services, since they believe that their pets can get stressed out, just like their owners. If one is considering a small business, pet grooming services is definitely on the list. The cost required to become established in a store setting can be expensive, so be wary of this.

#1. Online Entrepreneur:

Probably one of the most rewarding and lucrative businesses available today. With the tremendous boom of the information age, the opportunities seem endless. You will require a personal computer, skills associated with scripting for your website, and the desire to become a successful online business person. This is probably the best bet for establishing a low cost, high potential personal business. The advantage of becoming an online entrepreneur is my #1 business in my top 4 list of small business ideas.

As you go through the process of establishing your business, be sure to stay motivated and focused. Patience, hard work and dedication will provide you with the tools necessary for achieving financial freedom and success!

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