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California weddings can be awesome, simply because of the different locations couples have to choose from. There are so many landmarks that can add to both the atmosphere and even the theme of a wedding.

One of the most famous landmarks is, of course, the   Hollywood  sign. While it is no longer possible to get up to the sign itself, there are several locations from where the sign can be seen clearly with little or no foreground obstacles, so couples would at least be able to include it in their pictures.

However, there are some locations that are actually closer to the sign itself, and some of them may lend themselves to a wedding ceremony. Of course, couples would need to check to see if use permits were needed and to make sure that the locations are not on someone’s private property, but once that was confirmed, couples could go ahead and plan a California weddings with views of the  Hollywood  sign.

The closest location to the  Hollywood  sign by car is the  Hollywood  Reservoir. The reservoir is located off the Barham Boulevard exit of US 101. A few turns will bring you to a dog park and past that, a little way up a hill, is a good view of the sign. It might be possible to hold an outdoor wedding there.

Mulholland Drive has a small overlook and parking lot. If you walk up the steps at the overlook, you will not only see the  Hollywood  sign but you would also have a view of much of the Los Angeles Basin, depending on how clear the weather is that day. If you had a very small ceremony, it might be possible to hold California weddings there, but you could definitely use that spot for some very beautiful wedding pictures.

The closest Christian church (that is, the Disciples of Christ denomination) is Griffith Park Christian Church, which is also close to the Griffith Observatory, another good place to see the sign. If you want a church wedding, you may be able to arrange for the ceremony to be held there, and then go on to Griffith Park for the pictures.

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