Look Like a Hollywood Star by Wearing Scarves


You’ve probably gone through magazine spreads and wondered how you could pull of the looks celebrities flaunt so effortlessly. From their chic sunglasses to their skinny jeans and sleek suits; we can never seem to get enough of their fabulous looks. One of the most coveted looks fashion-forward people have been sporting involves wearing scarves.

For the longest time, scarves have only been worn during winter season and formal occasions. However, lately, celebrities have been wearing these as a chic fashion accessory.  Hollywood  superstars such as Julia Roberts and Mandy Moore have been caught by the paparazzi wearing stunning styles. Julia Roberts was seen wearing a light blue one with embroideries.

On the other hand, Mandy Moore was wearing an exotic-looking one that looks tie-dyed. Both Mandy and Julia were spotted during the day flaunting their amazing looks. However, there were also other celebrities who were seen wearing one at night. Elisha Cuthbert, the star of “The Girl Next Door” was seen wearing an elegant silk black one matched with a crimson red top.

Emma Watson, who plays Hermione in the Harry Potter series was seen at the LAX Airport wearing a trendy black one paired with a tan leather jacket. We can clearly see that celebrities have turned scarves into an essential accessory that makes a simple wardrobe turn into something trendy and chic.

Isla Fischer the star of the movie, “Confessions of a Shopaholic” was also seen arriving at LAX with her daughter wearing a blue one with black designs. Moreover, Katie Holmes was spotted by photographers leaving her Manhattan apartment wearing a white cashmere one with a white shirt and a grey jacket. This simple yet sophisticated look can be worn during a casual afternoon out in the town.

If you think that only women can pull of wearing scarves, think again because male celebrities are taking it to the next level by wearing them in style. Most men may think certain types of men are the only ones who can pull them off. However, if A-list stars can wear them and look like a million bucks, this gives you every reason to flaunt it.

One male celebrity who usually wears one is no other than Brad Pitt himself. Be it a red carpet event or a casual afternoon out with his kids, Brad Pitt has been seen wearing a gray cashmere scarf. It may seem like a huge fashion risk to wear one in the middle of the summer.

However, with a little confidence and a gung-ho attitude, any man can pull this look off and come out looking like a model from a high-fashion magazine. Another familiar celebrity that knows how to wear one with style is Adrian Grenier, the star of the hit show, “Entourage.” He was seen out in the town one night on his way to Crown Bar wearing a tan and light brown one.

Ordinary people may think that scarves are only meant to be worn by celebrities and models. However, this should not be their way of thinking. This should actually inspire people to think out of the box and experiment with new looks. For women, why not try using one as a belt? This innovative look would definitely be a head-turner for men around.

And as for men, they can use these as a fashion accessory by also using it as a belt or even tucking it in the back pocket of their jeans. It’s simply all about being creative and using your imagination. For as long as you feel confident and comfortable, by all means, do not hesitate.

Source by Meryl Rougeaux

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