Looxcie Launches Wearable Digital Camcorder


The tiny camcorder (it resembles a chunky headset) is placed over one’s ear, records constantly for up to 4 hours, and, when the battery peters out, the device will save the final 30 seconds of the clip to a video file at the touch of an “instant clip” button. The camera can also be configured to upload “instant shares” automatically.

The function and production of the camcorder appears similar to those used by policemen in real-life documentaries, or attached to the helmets of soldiers in Afghanistan. Now the technology has been offered to YouTube addicts, whose video-sharing careers just got a bit more exciting. Somehow, they won’t look the same perched on the head of an “oversharer” – as Evelyn Rusli of TechCrunch calls them – desperately trying to garner some brief level of fame or infamy; whatever comes his way first.

Using Bluetooth technology, the file is sent to the Looxcie companion mobile application, from where it can be shared via e-mail, Facebook or YouTube. The mobile app is available only on Android at the moment, but it is believed that the Blackberry, Windows, and iPhone platforms will all be brought into the fold by the end of the year.

On cannot help but think this latest offering – $199 from Amazon by the way – is a demonstration of technology for technologies sake. It doesn’t really add anything innovative or impressively new to the mix, yet those technological hunter-gatherers will do anything to get their hands on the sleek piece of design. It is another manifestation with society’s obsession with the latest technological evolution, however minuscule the development may be.

This also reflects the general atmosphere of “I want it and I want it now, and if you don’t have it give me something else in the meantime to keep me occupied” which dogs the online sphere. The launch of Google Instant is the current culmination of such demand for speed and information access.

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While the Looxcie headset may only be a small device aimed at the enhancement of video-sharing, it represents a part of the collective direction in which the internet is moving, and at the blistering pace with which we must travel in order to keep up.

Source by Harvey McEwan

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