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It seems everywhere you look there are movies with magic ranging form kids to adults. Magic movies about sorcery and witchcraft can be found just about anywhere. Two of the biggest series out right now are the Twilight series which is set to break records left and right. The first movie was low budget and still made several hundred million at the box office. The next movie not due out till next month is already being sold tickets for.

Although it is not technically a magic movie is it in the same genre as many of the others. Harry Potter is another series that has been dubbed the most successful movie franchise in history surpassing Star Wars. That is a huge feat in itself and they are not done. There are still a couple of more movies to be made in that series.

Magic movies have been around for decades. The illusionist was a great movie that did very well at the box office. Another great one was the Witches of Eastwick. Jack Nicholson was awesome in that movie. So not only are their great movies about magic but there are also great television shows. Bewitched was a long running classic about magic spells and is still in syndication. The current kids show Wizards of Waverly place on Disney Channel is a mega hit with children and continues to grow in popularity. The premise is based on wizardry and magic spells. There are many options and it seems that the magic popularity is only growing.

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