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Our Magnesium Gel with Aloe Vera is the perfect combination of our Magnesium Gel and the healing properties of Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera, one of natures finest moisturizers, softens and revitalizes chapped, moisture-deprived skin while helping normal skin retain moisture. Aloe Vera has been used for centuries by many cultures by warriors like Alexander the Great and Christopher Columbus to treat wounded soldier’s wounds, Egyptian Queens Nefertiti and Cleopatra used valuable herb to create smooth, beautiful skin. Adding this to our Magnesium products creates a winning combination that soothes the skin leaving it soft and supple with a healthy glow. Massage Therapists LOVE this product for their clients! The order of absorption of Magnesium at the cellular level is: #1 Intravenous; #2 Foot soaks; #3 Bathtub soaks; #4 Direct skin application; and the LEAST effective delivery method is Oral. ALL oral Magnesium products are LAXATIVES!! Why spend money on the least effective product only to have diarrhea?Up to 90% of the population is Magnesium deficient! TOPICAL is the BEST delivery method!
Stress – physical, emotional, environmental, or psychological ALL cause magnesium levels to drop.
Magnesium equals RELAXATION! Every cell and over 300 enzymatic processes in the body NEED magnesium.
A base of USP grade Magnesium, CO Aloe Vera make this the best product for your body. 1591 mg / oz.
Nemenhah Certified Provider of sacraments suitable for use in Ceremony of the Native American Church. Statements made on this website are directed to ministers of the Native American Church of Nemenhah.

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