Magnifying Your Money – Tips in Business Finance Management


In putting up any kind of business, the end goals are primarily profitability and progress. Magnifying your money is the target endpoint. To be able to do such, you ought to focus on a very important aspect of your business- Business  Finance   Management . Below are some tips that you can follow not just to ensure the sustainability of your company, but to probably maximize its potentials.

1. Raise Money- Lots and lots of it. Businesses need more than sufficient funding. They need funds for the expected expenses, more funds for unexpected problems, and reserved funds for possible beneficial ventures. As such, when you are attempting to look for funds and possible investors, maximize the opportunity. Prepare big time but feasible business propositions. When opportunities for investment and profit knock on your doors, take chances and welcome the chance. However, you ought to grab the risks only after you have carefully examined the possible consequences of your business venture.

2. Acquisition is not always the answer. During business ventures, there is always plenty of room for additional expenses. Your first budget allocation for a certain expense may not be enough. You may need additional equipment and materials that require you to make unexpected expenditures. In such cases, note that buying what you need is not the only option. Look for alternatives such as renting or leasing the equipment you need. However, do take note of the rental or leasing fee versus the acquisition expenses, in accordance to your time frame for equipment usage.

3. Inform the concerned. In business ventures, you ought to keep pertinent parties aware of whatever is happening in your business. Pertinent parties refer to those who will be affected by the profitability or fund inadequacy in your business. These parties include your bank, your investors, your suppliers, your customers, and even your inland revenue representative. Realize that keeping them informed maintains good business relationships. It may also heighten their concern for your business needs such as additional funds and/or more profitable business deals.

4. Welcome Renegotiations. There are some cases when your investors, suppliers, and customers ask you for renegotiations on your transactions. Be open for such possibilities and options. Avoid limiting yourself to uniform business deals. Recognize that suggestions made by the people you are working with are worth your attention. This will not only help you maintain good business relations with them. Instead, it can open your doors to business opportunities which may prove to be beneficial in the long run.

5. Stick to strict payment and debt procedures. Renegotiation starts and ends with business deals. They should not extend to your payment procedures and debt accountability. When allowing your customers to go on credit, do a thorough financial check first. Set clear procedures for payment and be sure to follow them, without exceptions. You should also set a specific deadline for each debt. Realize that a service or product on credit is a potential loss for your business finances.

6. List everything. This may be a tedious task but such may prove to be very beneficial for you in the end. Realize that no matter how big or small your business deals are, all of these mirror how you manage your finances and all of these affect the overall outcome of your business venture. As such, you ought to practice proper bookkeeping and accounting.

Source by Benedict Yossarian

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