Make Money From Home by Becoming an Online Writer


One of the best opportunities provided by the Internet today is the chance to make money from home through writing. Do not get the wrong idea though; you do not have to be a professional writer to be able to write for the web. While freelance writing will most definitely welcome talent, the interest and dedication coupled with good communication skills will all enough to get you going.

Freelance writing for the web, copywriting, web content writing – all these refer to the same thing: a service which you offer to Internet clients, websites, or online companies that need something written for their site or for their business. With your skills in writing, you can provide them with an added edge in their respective business as you make money from home as well.

Getting Started with Online Freelance Writing

If you want to make money from home through web copy writing, you can start out by looking around for sites in the Internet which can help you get a good start. There are auction-like sites where you can bid on services wanted by online clients. You can check out sites such as, or   Guru .com, which are all great places for a budding writer to make money from home.

You will need to create your own account and bid on job postings. Aside from creating a good, marketable profile, you will usually need to provide some samples of your work along with the service bid rate that you are charging. Winning the bid will win you the project and actually start earning. It will help if you have a comprehensive portfolio of your writing work. Also, it will help you a great deal if you are versatile when it comes to your writing style and format.

Note that the demands for copies for the web are innumerable. You will be writing not just simple articles on just about any topic, but you can also be faced with sales copies, press releases, eBooks, scientific research, fiction writing, news and travel writing, and even technical writing. Though you can always specialize in certain topics or formats, providing all around service will give you a better edge over many other writers.

Growth over Time

Writing for a web is a job that grows with time. As you take on new projects of different types, you will start gaining more experience and adding to your portfolio. As you gain more experience and provide excellent service to clients, you will find yourself getting more and more projects. As you gain clients and experience, it becomes less and less difficult to make money from home, and to make more.

In order to make money from home through writing, you have to be prepared to exert time and effort into this venture. To earn your full potential as a writer, you will need to be busy most, if not all the time. The amount of time you spend writing is proportional to the money you make. Trust though that each minute you spend is a minute well spent and financially worth the effort.

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