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Are you interested in learning how to make money selling your art? Have you been creating art for years and want to make a profit off of your hobby or get your art career up and running? Don’t know where to start or are the techniques that you are using now are just not working? Your best bet is to investigate tips, techniques, and processes that have already worked to make a number of artists successful. Thus, I have written this article to tell you how you can find these tips and techniques that will get you on the road to making money selling your art.

Creating Your Business

There is more to selling art than just creating the pieces to sell. Dealing with money means that there is indeed a business involved. And like any business, there are a number of techniques that will either make your business a success, or a failure.

It is important to first find your audience. You want to be displaying your artwork for people who are actually interested in buying artwork. Many artists have found success in displaying their artwork at art shows and outdoor festivals. This is important because people attending these events are specifically there to look at, and possibly purchase art. Thus, they have the money to do just that not only with them, but they are also prepared to spend the money for this purpose.

Just like any job that is commission based, your profit depends not only of the quality of the art which you are selling, but how your exhibit looks, presentation, and how you handle customers. How you Work with the people who may become potential buyers is important, as you may be able to create seller-buyer relationships with the possibility of these individuals becoming loyal customers.

In any case, you want to make sure that you take care of your customers and satisfy their needs. Each individual who stops by your exhibit deserves attention. Your customers want to feel like they matter (and if you want to make an actual profit, they do), and thus may be more inclined to purchase a piece of your artwork.

Your Business Attitude

Like any business, planning and thinking out the details is an integral part of success. It usually isn’t enough to work things out as you go (the “see as I go” mentality).

It is important to plan for success, which means knowing how to deal with the money part of business. Do you need to charge sales tax? If so, how much? How does the price of a smaller piece of art affect the price of a larger piece? And how much is your art really worth?

So How Do You Get Great Tips and Techniques that will Help You Make Money Selling Art?

The tips and techniques that artists use to make money selling art are different for each person. For many artists, it took years of going through a learning curve and trying different things, adjusting techniques and discovering little tidbits that seemed to work for them. However, getting ahold of these techniques and tips may be difficult, as they may involve talking to a large number of people and tweaking their knowledge to work for you.

However, there are several successful artists out there that are willing to share their secrets, tips, and techniques so that you can bypass that learning curve and begin making money selling your art now.

Source by Lindsay Sliwa

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