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Have you heard about Pop  Art ? Maybe you’ve heard the word thrown around lately, or have even had the privilege to see a few classic works from famous artists like Warhol or Lichtenstein, but did you you know that you can have your very own photographs turned into custom works of pop  art  for a surprisingly affordable price? With photo manipulation programs, tools, and skills becoming prolific, it is easier than ever to have your own treasured photographs transformed into cutting edge works of custom  art .

Pop  art  has its origins rooted in the 1950s, and was originally a movement in the  art  world that sought to embrace the mass produced visual media of the time and integrate it into fine  art  pieces. It has seen a resurgence in recent years, much of which is due to the wide spread use of photo manipulation in every day life. Loosely defined, this style involves isolating objects from their environment and arranging them, often with other pieces, in new surroundings. The pieces are meant to inspire thoughtfulness, and many famous pop artists used these works as an almost satirical commentary of the transitional times they lived in. In the modern day, when dealing with photographs and digital photo manipulation, this typically means using a program like Photoshop, GIMP, or other editing tool to cut subjects out of digital photographs and place them against a different or created background. American Pop  Art  pioneer Andy Warhol made the  art  form synonymous with bright colors applied to the same image, arranged in multiple panels on one piece in complimentary color schemes, though that certainly is not the only interpretation. Warhol styled photo  art  is the most prominent in creating custom pop  art  from people’s photographs in the modern day.

So how does one go about acquiring their very own custom pop  art  work? It’s easy. An internet search turns up several different offerings, all with different options and styles, as well as finishes. Some companies will stylize your image and return it to you as a digital file, while others create posters, others print on photo paper, and still others create it and print on canvas. Pop  art  on canvas is one of the most striking options, since it further merges fine  art  into the process. These custom canvases are hand stretched and created using archival materials, so you know that your piece of custom photo  art  will last a lifetime and beyond.

Source by Hugh Parker

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