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There’s an old saying that says that if you can do something you love, it’s not a job. That’s exactly what the pro bloggers out there are doing. Combining their passions with making a living, and often, a very good one at that.

What Do Pro Bloggers Do?

Professional bloggers, people who make their living off their blogs, do pretty much what every other blogger does – write about something they love. Whether it’s Perez Hilton’s cuttingly witty blog about celebs (that brings founder Mario Lavandeira around $140 000) or Michael Arrington’s Techcrunch (that rakes in $200 000) all of them started out writing about stuff they love.

Then, they used advertising, affiliate marketing, CPM and all kinds of other strategies to make money off their blogs, and a passive income was born.

How to Make Money from a Blog

Anyone can start a blog. You can even start a blog for free if you use WordPress, Blogger or one of the other free blog options. Making money takes a little more thought though. Here are my top five ways to make money from your blog:

1. Advertising. Whether it’s AdSense or direct sales of space on your site, advertising is any blogger’s best friend.

2. Affiliate marketing. Selling other people’s products and services through a high traffic blog can be a nice money spinner.

3. Site membership. Many bloggers allow limited free access to their content, with the premium portion of their website being available only to paying members of their site.

4. Asking for donations. You don’t have to run a charity to get donations! Simply place a box that explains that your blog is self funding on your site, and add a PayPal donation button. If your site is popular, and people want to keep it around, you’ll get donations!

5. Writing and publishing your own e-book for sale. If you have a blog that’s popular, whether it’s on cars, dogs, business or weight loss, then you can write an e-book and offer it for sale.

All of these earning methods from blogs take time to set up and manage, but once they are working, they will bring you a passive income that increases over time. As your posts increase, you’ll have more ad revenue, more sales and more money coming in, so you could, in theory, start a blog for nothing, and turn it into your livelihood.

Source by Christer Nyrud

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