Making the Business Case for OpenOffice


If you have been using a computer for very long, you are

well aware of Microsoft Office’s big stranglehold on

business productivity software.

After all, what kind of communication, mailing or

other business document ISN’T created by typing in Microsoft

Word, adding and subtracting in Microsoft Excel or

publishing a presentation in Powerpoint?

Microsoft Office has become the de facto standard in office

productivity software (except for some places in the legal

profession, where Corel’s Word Perfect is still considered

standard) all across the world. Most businesses would come

to a screeching halt if their copy of MS Office were to

disappear from their machine.

While a business owner can be extremely productive with

MS Office, that productivity does come at a price. Right

now, that price is hovering around $370.00 for ONE copy of

Office. Not bad if you are a solo entrepreneur, but what

if you have 10-50 employees? $370.00 here and there and

pretty soon you’re talking some real money…

There is a new player on the scene now and it’s called It is a spinoff from software originally

written by Sun Microsystems and is designed to be a

replacement for MS Office (Word, Excel and Powerpoint).

What’s the difference between MS Office and Open Office?

Well, one costs $370.00 and one costs $0.00.

Can you guess which is which?

One of the two releases upgrades every few years and

charges you full price for them. The other also releases

upgrades every few years and gives them away.

Which one sounds better to you?

If you are a business owner responsible for outfitting

5-10 or 20 computers with productivity software for

wordprocessing and spreadsheet work, you can’t afford NOT to

take a look at for your business.

Apart from the price benefit, here are some other huge

benefits to using Open Office:

  • PDFs are a cinch. Right now, MS Office can’t turn your
    documents into PDFs without the help of third party
    software. Perhaps the next upgrade (and YOUR next
    $370.00) will provide this functionality, but right now
    you’re out of luck. In Open Office, creating a PDF is as
    simple as clicking one button.
  • Your data will NEVER be locked or rendered obsolete,
    waiting for you to purchase the next upgrade to software
    you’ve already paid for once.
  • Open Office is available for EVERY type of computer and
    operating system under the sun. It comes in flavors for
    Windows, Linux, Mac and a whole lot more…
  • Open Office is OPEN. That means it is customizable by you
    for you. If you run a business and need a certain function
    to be added, it is as simple as hiring a programmer and
    telling them what you want changed. The whole thing is under
    your control.
  • Open Office isn’t going anywhere. Backed by a community
    of thousands upon thousands of users and developers, Open
    Office is quickly becoming THE standard outside of the US,
    where Microsoft’s marketing department seems to dominate
    the airwaves.

So what if you own a Mac? How do you get your hands on a

copy of Open Office? Open Office is available for you in a

slightly different flavor called NeoOffice. You can download

it here:

And now, the answer to the big question you are probably


Can I open Word documents and Excel spreadsheets with Open


YES YOU CAN! With all but a very few exceptions, all

versions of MS Word and Excel and Powerpoint documents will

open without incident in Open Office. If you are in a

highly specialized industry and use a lot of Word macros and

advanced layout features, just do a quick test. Most likely,

things will be fine…

So where do you get

The name says it all…

Get your copy today!

Source by Jason Leister

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