Mamma Mia the Movie Is Fantastic Entertainment


Mamma Mia the movie equals energy. That was the overriding impression and feeling I experienced with this movie. I had to refrain from jumping out of my seat and dancing on the spot along with the people on the screen. Of course it helped to be familiar with the ABBA songs, but even if one wasn’t, this was a thoroughly enjoyable movie.

I could relate to those local Greek women who, during the song Dancing Queen, threw down their work loads and joined the trail of women singing and skipping their way down to the pier.

There were so many funny moments, both verbally and visually.

The cast, costumes, setting, dialogue and songs were all great, with one exception. One couldn’t really say there was anything wrong with Pierce Brosnan’s singing in the movie. It was in tune and in time. But there was something I just couldn’t put my finger on as to what wasn’t right with it. I obviously wasn’t alone in perceiving that, as, in the movie theater where I saw it, there were giggles from the audience whenever he sang. Something just wasn’t quite gelling with it.

There were a few spots that had sexual references that were perhaps not quite suitable for children. They appeared so suddenly with no warning, and were onto the next thing so fast, that the moments had been and gone before, as an adult, one could do anything about preventing a child from watching those bits, unless they’d known in advance that they’d be coming.

Mamma Mia the movie is fantastic, energizing entertainment.

Source by Inez Alexander

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