Men Should Prevent Three Health Problems in Autumn


Some health problems may appear among men in autumn, and it is necessary for men to do their best to prevent these problems so as to keep themselves healthy. For example, many men can be attacked by prostatic disorders and sexual dysfunction. Generally speaking, men should prevent male diseases, autumn-dryness disease and obesity in autumn.

The male diseases in autumn mainly include prostatic disorders and sexual dysfunction. The former one is caused by the inattention of personal hygiene and unhealthy life ways, which can cause the retrograde infection of urinary tract. It can be prevented in everyday life. The latter one should be treated in time. In addition, the dryness in autumn can decrease the human urination, and the urinary tract can be seriously threatened by various diseases because of the decreasing irrigation. Therefore, men should often drink water and improve the urination. If the symptoms like frequent micturition and urgent urination appear, men should go to hospital for treatment in time so as to avoid deterioration.

The dryness in autumn can seriously endanger the respiratory system inside the human body. The diseases like rhinitis, pharyngitis and asthma always appear in autumn. In order to deal with the autumn-dryness and prevent various diseases, men can drink a cup of cold salty water in the morning and drink a cup of honey water in the evening. The boiled water can be easily lost inside the body, so people can add salt or honey into the water to slow down the loss of water. In addition, honey plays an important role in eliminating internal heat, removing the toxins and moisturizing the lung. At the same time, the diseases including high blood pressure, haemorrhoids and arteriosclerosis can be prevented and treated to some degree.

Obesity is also a serious problem among people in autumn. The human body can actively accumulate fat so as to deal with the upcoming cold winter. Thus, obesity can be easily caused. However, the fat accumulated inside the human body can not only affect the bodily form but also cause various diseases, such as high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. In order to maintain the normal weight, men should maintain adequate rest and increase the intake of vegetables and fruits so as to relax the bowels. Men should often eat coarse foods like corn and tomatoes. For men, the foods which can tonify the kidney are also necessary. Vitamins like vitamin C should be adequately supplemented to enhance the human immunity.

Men should pay great attention to the health problems in autumn and prevent various diseases.

Source by Alice White Green

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