Metamorphosis Of The Entertainment Industry


Since the creation of human kind, he has been looking for ways to entertain himself. Right from the cave years till today, we are constantly searching for means to delight ourselves. Our ancestors who lived in the caves and used animal skin barely to cover their bodies, entertained themselves by hunting and painting on the cave walls. Soon, man evolved into a more social animal and started moving in specific groups. These social congregations or tribes, explored the power of the sound, both their vocal chords and of objects around, to form a symphony of some sort. Thus, music originated. As they rejoiced on the beats, their feet moved and thus dance originated. Music, dance and drawing/ painting have since then been evolving and have been growing into most intricate and captivating art.

With time, came another entertainment discovery… plays. They realized that they liked listening to stories. To imagine and be transported into different worlds. Story telling slowly and steadily emerged into acts and plays, which included music and dance.

These acts took a more sophisticated form of theater. Theater that is still one of the prime entertainment medium in the modern days. But then, as man evolved, his mind evolved and as science evolved, the greatest inventions started taking place. There was the television, the telephone and the big screen. A new avenue opened up. People explored this and there were television series and movies. From black and white to the latest hi tech and sci fi, movies have come a long long way. And then came in VCDs, DVDs and home theaters.

But the greatest invention of all times was the Computer. When computers were launched, nobody would have ever thought or predicted the way it would rule the world, the way it does today. Especially after the Internet, computer was no longer just a machine to do random work. It was yet another ocean of opportunities waiting to be explored. And yes, how well have we explored it now. A computer is now the biggest gateway to entertainment. Right from connecting people worldwide in seconds to being able to hear music and watch movies and music videos. Today you can do anything to everything through Internet. Download movies and music, burn them on your CDs and also download them to you iPods.

Thee are specific sites catering to downloads. The technological developments have made and are still making the process as simple as it can be. Today to watch your favorite movie, you just have to log on to a movie download site, search for the movie and download it in just one click.

The entertainment industry has undergone severe metamorphosis and today is as magical to believe as a butterfly from a caterpillar. Yet, there’s no looking back. It is only developing, with a much much greater speed. Today there is nothing that is impossible. Anything can happen. And any imagination can be turned into a reality.

Source by Vicky Dangi

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