Metamorphosis of The Movie


Films are great entertainment, but what second thought is most prominent in many opinions are the sheer focus and quality of what’s being communicated.

I’ll tell you a story.

I used to live in a suburb called Wembley Downs which is next to the beach, only just south of Observation City.

The suburb is very quiet, very. I can only compare it to a holiday house setting – right in the middle of the metro this is.

Anyway, the real-estate I leased through had a little shop down the road from the unit and there was also a very small video store there. Quiet.

The guy that owned the video store was very interesting because when I talked with him about the obvious lack of range his customers face in such a small store, he smiled at my obvious prod and delivered his patter.

He showed me the top titles of VCR history; he was currently working on getting DVD titles of his choices. I cannot tell you how impressed I was with his choices and eloquence. It was a very surreal experience for me.

I can’t even remember some of the movies he recommended, but I got them out and watched some of them and you know it was exactly what I felt like watching; it was as though he had seen right through me and recommended the exact movie I wanted at the time, like a collector’s critique. This is not new releases I’m talking about.

What I’m getting at in the story is that this young guy about 23 years old was an outstanding movie entrepreneur and naively dedicated to his medium. This inspired me because, it proves to that there is much we don’t know and not only is it known by some but it is being used by some.

Films still on the reel are just about a thing of the past, companies like Golden Era Productions have invested heavily in audio digital reproduction and reconstruction to recover important materials, which in turn allows film strip reel to still be used.

The digital transition is a gain for the movie industry and will improve the quality of the new movies as has been seen in recent times. Transitions of end-user display devices improving bring the quality to the user.

I am wholly bound in honor by the fact of writing upon this art to recommend my personal favorite movies. This gives you a decent comparison of my view for your more informed estimation.

1. The Wanderers

2. All cowboy movies

3. Tron

4. The Never Ending Story

5. Labyrinth

6. The Dark Crystal

7. Willow

8. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

9. Mad Max

10. Predator

Good Day.

Source by Clive Ettia

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