Michael Jackson Movie in the Pipeline


AEG Live, the company Michael was touring with is definitely not sitting around whilst they watch all the money they have lost from the failed Michael Jackson shows. Executives have predicted about $50 million will be reaped from their new deal with Sony Pictures  Entertainment  and the company will sell footage from earlier rehearsals for the future  movie .

Before his sudden death, the world wide known music legend was rehearsing at LA for his London shows and sadly died later on that day on June 25th. The next day, video clips of him rehearsing were released and shown online for the public eye to see and there is supposedly even more footage – up to 80 hours!

The director of High School Musical recorded these practice runs for the London shows. In these are many of his songs but what crowds didn’t know that he was set to perform a new unheard version of Thriller!

The production companies are keeping us in suspense to whether it is a brand new film with new actors or actual rehearsal footage we shall only find out when they decide to release the film which is set to be a massive hit already.

So with AEG in with a good, promising deal they could easily make up for their London failed show loss and if they book further deals on TV for the August tribute concert with the special guest of Justin Timberlake and more performing songs from the set list of his final tour, they will be remembering Jackson for years to come.

Source by Karmen Jones

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