MidLife Women in Hollywood – Reflections on Women’s Roles


The other day I heard from a woman who was fired from her management track job for having a close friendship (not yet an affair) with a male colleague. From what I can tell the man was not fired.

Which got me on my soapbox again…My partner was surprised that that kind of dismissal would happen in this day and age. I told him that women are often treated badly and unequally in business out there in the corporate world, (as opposed to our little self-employed, protected non-corporate world of friends here).

Then I began reading the Women in Hollywood blog. First the writer mentioned how some great women’s shows are being axed for next year (Men in Trees, one of my favs). On another WIH blog, Kristen Davis, one of the stars of Sex in the City addressed the eternal question of whether the four women get along or hate each other. Kristen’s very smart point was that these questions were sexist and that people didn’t repeatedly question the Sopranos stars in that way. Opening of Sex in the City in London

Still on WIH blog, Jennifer Fox, writer, producer and subject of Flying, a six-part series on Sundance takes the position that women without children aren’t perceived as real women in our society. She says: “We define women as being married mothers actually”. I think she has a valid point. Our culture often perceives child-free women as somehow different…lacking…selfish..oh, I don’t know…But not complete.

And then of course there’s the invisibility angle – the idea that women over a certain age (~45) just aren’t noticed – it’s like they’re not even there. That’s why two Australian women, who go by the names Loris and Lucy, began their eclectic blog for midlife women.

It pains me that this is happening in this day and age. We only have to look at Hilary Clinton and the ongoing “damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t” criticisms of her and her campaign to see that we’re a far cry from equality as yet.

Source by Ellen Besso

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