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If you have surfed the internet at all in the past decade you no doubt have run across a gentleman by the name of Mike Dillard. He is a well known internet marketer/trainer that is a master of self promoting and self branding.

I must say at the onset that in doing this Mike Dillard review, I found him to definitely be somewhat of an online marketing guru. I believe he coined the phrase “Attraction Marketing” and teaches this concept in one of his courses. Attraction marketing is simply put, marketing yourself so that people are searching for you to either purchase your products or to join your program. Instead of being the hunter you become the hunted. Although Mr. Dillard may have coined the phrase attraction marketing, it certainly is no secret how to accomplish this.

When you become a member of his program you will receive some great bits of information. To get the “real good stuff” you will be gently persuaded to purchase other programs to learn different marketing strategies and techniques. I must add that all of his training materials are worth every penny, it is of course totally up to the individual to take the time to learn and apply the training.

If someone were to purchase all of the Mike Dillard training offered in his system and took the time to study it, they should at the least, learn a lot about how to make money online. Another option would be to partner with a program that makes available all marketing training included in one membership fee.

Generating an income on the Internet is a learnable process. Valuable information is available online through several training sites. The truth is, if you are willing and determined to learn, there is be no doubt that you can be successful.

Source by Evan DuChene

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