Moisture Intense Daily Lotion – White Coconut Zion Health 8 oz Liquid


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Moisture Intense Daily Lotion – White Coconut by Zion Health 8 oz Liquid Adama Moisture Intense Lotion White Coconut 8 fl oz Tube How it Works This Super Intense Moisturizer combines more than 60 trace minerals with ultra-rich botanical extracts of Chamomile Yarrow and Almond Oil to help repair dryness and promote healing with a unique nourishing formula. The all natural herbal ingredients are concentrated to create long-lasting hydration for the skin. Featured Ingredient Coconut Oil contains anti-oxidants and has a high moisture content commonly used to soothe dry skin and itchiness (a natural treatment for dermatitis and psoriasis). Coconut juices are known to have high anti-aging effects on human cells keeping the skin smooth and well hydrated. Directions Apply daily on face and body Other Ingredients A Botanical infusion of Lavender Chamomile and Yarrow in purified water Calcium Montmorillonite Clay Sunflower Oil Octyl Palmitate (Coconut Fatty Acid) Beeswax Sweet Almond Oil Aloe BZion Health

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